Jephthah’s daughter

The Book of Judges speaks about the soldier Jephthah. He was a strong soldier however he lacked faith. He lacked faith in God and in himself. He did not believe that he would be able to defeat the Ammonites and kept doubting God and asking him for signs. One day he made a vow to God, he said that if God gives him victory over the Ammonites, he will sacrifice the first thing that comes out to greet him when he returns home after winning. Since my God is a God of his word and he always delivers, God fulfilled this promise. However, the first thing that came to greet Jephthah was his daughter. This story is told throughout Judges 11-12. The description of Jephthah’s face when his daughter runs out to greet him is heartbreaking. However, he made a promise to God. But what I love and admire most throughout this story is Jephthah’s daughter. She doesn’t get angry or run away or show any resentment towards her father. She understand’s that this is all apart of God’s plan. She is able to be peaceful and understanding even though she knows that she is going to die. She is a true daughter of God. She knows that her submission will be rewarded when she meets God. She knows that this is a promise that her father has made with her Father and this is beyond her. All she asks is for one request and her father grants it to her. What strong faith Jephthah’s daughter had! She was knowledgable and compassionate. As a daughter of God, I pray for the faith of Jephthah’s daughter and her calmness. I pray that I will be able to be calm in the face of a storm. In Jesus Name,



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