The importance of knowing God on your own

As Christians, it is so easy to get caught up in religion. That may seem strange but I promise you this is so true. As Christians we often set standards for our lives according to what we see other Christians do. We often find things to be acceptable or ‘Christian-like’ if we see other Christians do it. Note that I wrote ‘Christian-like’ because there is a big difference from being Christian-like and Christ-like. Being Christian-like, means that you stand up during praise and worship, sing along during praise and worship, pay your tithes and go to Church every Sunday. But being Christ-like is so much more. When you read Romans 12:1-2 it truly says it all. We must renew our minds. We must strive to have a relationship with Christ because it is only then that we will be able to know what it is that God wants for us. When I got saved, I must admit that I was frequently looking at other Christian’s to see what was acceptable for me to do. If I knew a Christian who did something, then in my head that must be ok. But God spoke to me. He made me realise that I am at a different place in my Christian life than they are. He told me that he does not love me more than them or vice versa but that there are things that they can handle that would break me and things that I can handle that would break them. God has a different plan for every one of us and we must listen to him when he speaks because he is always trying to show us something. I pray that as daughters of God, that we will open our eyes and renew our minds. In Jesus name,



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  1. esinclair124 says:

    This is what I see in you, …that you are a confused person , created by the congregation which you are a member. Biblically speaking, you don’t need to look for another Christian as your role model. All you need is to read the bible and try to understand its content. If you can’t understand it,, it’s okay, cause even your minister don’t even understand what he is preaching , cause it is written in the book of Daniel ” None of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand”. Now to fully understand the content of the bible, you need the guidance of someone who is guided by the Holy Spirit of God. Cause it is written, “If any man will do His will , he shall know of the doctrine if it of God , or whether I speak on my own”. And another thing, if any congregation that say they are of God and of Jesus, but still preach the doctrine of Tithing, is of the devil ! The minister of that congregation, is a deceiver. A false prophet. Don’t ever believe him.

    1. Hi esinclair124,
      I am not too sure if you read my post properly because I did in fact state that looking at other Christians was what I initially did when I was confused and newly saved but that I have now come to understand that it is important to know God on your own and this is only possible by reading the word of God and going to him daily in prayer. Which scripture does it say that Tithing is forbidden? It is not explicitly written in the New Covenant that tithing should take place or shouldn’t. However, as I mentioned as well, tithing is not the most important thing for Christians, we should strive to be Christ-like. But as for your comment about ‘of the devil…deceiver [and] false prophet,’ I have to disagree. Your comment really makes me think of Proverbs 26:2.
      Thanks for reading

  2. Edward Sinclair says:

    Ah, my dear friend, knowing tithings is also as important as saving your own souls from being deceive by false prophets. You are already in a deep trouble with a deceiver, and you can only free yourself, if you open your eyes to the truth. And the truth lies within the doctrines of the congregation to which you are imprisoned. As Jesus has said “If any man will do HIS will , he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself”(John 7:17)
    And one of its doctrine is giving tithing, which was abolished by Christ. Cause the Law of Moses ends , where the L aw of Christ begins . As Christ said ” For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John “(Matthew 11:13) . Now if you still follows the Law of Moses, then you are not a Christian, you are a Mosaican !
    Now, this is the doctrine of the REAL JESUS CHRIST, pertaining to giving: ” Every man according as he PURPOSETH In HIS HEART , so let him give ; not grudgingly , or of necessity. For God loveth a cheerful giver ” (2Corinthians 9:7) . In this verse , it is your heart that decide how much you will give, and not the pastor. Just think about it ! Read the doctrines of your congregation, especially the name “Jehovah”. And ask youself, if it is the truth that the name of God is “Jehovah” and also if Christ Jesus is just a man, and not God. Ask these question, and have time to read your publications ands books. When you do that, then you will know the truth . and the truth is, that Russel was a false prophet.
    May God open your eyes to the truth!

    1. Sorry for the late reply, I was contemplating what you said.Who is Russel?
      Please take a look at my new post this is what I have realised after my readings.

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