Dear presumptuous sinner,

We serve a God who loves us so much that he sacrificed his son on the cross so that we will not have to suffer the punishment that we deserved as sinners. Before any of us were saved, we were sinners. Some of us being so arrogant and self righteous, we believed that everything that we did was because of our own doing. For the lives that we led we deserve to go to hell. But the God that we serve does not give us what we deserve. He is a forgiving God who laid his son down to die for us so that whoever believes in him will not perish but will have eternal life (a bit of a paraphrase of John 3:16). God has given us a chance to redeem ourselves. We deserve the scraps but God gives us a banquet, we deserve God’s wrath but he choses to shower us with his love and we deserve condemnation but God choses to forgive us. However it is because of that knowledge that many Christians sin. We believe that because we serve a forgiving God, that we can do anything as long as we believe that Jesus Christ was born and died for our sins. But just because we can does not mean we should. We need to turn away from our sinful nature if we are to be followers of Christ. There is no such thing as a little white lie. There is no such thing as a big sin. Sin is sin. We must not justify our sinful acts by belittling them. We should not sin knowing that it is wrong but still doing it because we know that God will forigive us if we repent. What if you died whilst you were committing that sin before you had time to repent? Romans 3:23 is a scripture that many Christians use to justify presumptuous sinning. Saying things like we are all sinners so what’s the point? Tell me someone who hasn’t done what I’m about to do? (Tell them Jesus hasn’t). But seriously, that scripture says that we have all sinned. Past tense. As in something that happened before. Before we came to Christ. With the knowledge of the Gospel tell me what is the need to sin again? I pray that as daughters of God that we will be able to turn away from our sinful nature and towards Christ, the devil has no hold over our lives because we are daughters of the one and only God. In Jesus name,



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