You are not limited by your circumstances!


When things are not going our way, it is so easy to feel defeated and to contemplate giving up. Sometimes we feel as though things will never get better. But we already have the victory through Christ, our suffering will only be temporary. When things seem as though they are drowning you and that it will take a miracle for you to recover, remember that God will not give you anything that you cannot handle. At times God wants us to admit to him that we need his help, during our trials we should not break we should be totally dependent on God and constantly seek his face because it is only through him that we will overcome. It is easy to let our circumstances define us, but only the world defines us by our circumstances, God looks beyond our circumstances and into our hearts. When you look at the life of Solomon in the Old Testament you can truly see that we are not defined by our circumstances when it comes to God. Solomon was born to King David and his soldiers wife Bathsheba. David and Bathsheba committed adultery and David also tried to cover this up by getting Uriah, Bathsheba’s husband, killed. The child that was born out of this union died but Solomon was their next child. His parents committed adultery, his father was a murderer, his mother colluded with his father, yet Solomon grew up to be the wisest man in the Bible. Against all the odds, Solomon rose and his faith in God allowed him to be victorious. I pray that as daughters of God, that we will have the faith and wisdom of Solomon to understand that we will overcome any trials and tests that we have to face. I pray that we will no longer believe that we cannot do something because that is a lie, in Christ we already have the victory. In Jesus’ name,



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