Keep your eyes on God

We are living in a world where there are signs that the end of time is coming. Natural disasters are becoming a regular feature on every day news. This makes me think, am I ready? Am I ready to bow down before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and face his judgement? Am I ready to leave this world and see what God has planned for me? Am I ready to know if I will receive eternal life? To be totally honest I do not think I am! There are times when I sit back and think to myself, what if God was to come at this very moment, would I be ashamed or would I be able to stand proudly knowing that my life is in line with the Bible? Would Jesus say that he knows me or turn away from me and tell me that I claim to know him but really don’t? Will I be ready for the rapture? I feel as though at times I think that my salvation and baptism gives me an automatic entry into heaven. I remember once hearing the question about backsliding and if it is possible to actually backslide. My opinion is that it is not possible because if you were truly saved the evidence would be in your life and once you have found the light why would you choose to go back and sit in the darkness? If you backslide, you were obviously not saved in the first place. However just because you are saved, it doesn’t mean that your relationship with God is on fire 24/7. I must admit that at times I do not seek God’s face and assistance as much as I ought to. Sometimes I believe that I can do things on my own because I know that God is on my side, but just because God is on our side it doesn’t mean that he plans for us to be every and anywhere. Out of the twelve tribes of Israel, in my opinion the Levites were the greatest. When the other tribes were practicing their immoral rituals and turning towards the golden calf, the Levites kept their eyes on God knowing that he was the God who saved and redeemed them. For this reason God exalted them and gave them the high position as priests and blessed them forever. Look at how great the reward is when you stand firm in your faith and continually seek God. I pray that as daughters of God that we will continually seek God and become totally dependent on him. I pray that we will lead lives that are pleasing to him so that whenever people see us, they will know that we are daughters of the Most High. I pray that we will not waiver in our faith but that everyday we will grow stronger so that when the time comes, we will not be ashamed but we will be able to truly experience the joy of being face to face with you and being in your presence. In Jesus’ name,



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