Blackout 2014

What is Blackout? The organisation who is running Blackout 2014 states on their site that:

Blackout is a 21st Century fast that aims to strengthen and serve the Church in places around the world where following Jesus comes at a real cost.

Christians in North Korea, Syria, North Africa and across the Arab world can find that their faith is not respected. In fact it’s often seriously opposed. These Christians are Blacked Out, hidden, forgotten. They meet in secret. They meet in fear, worried that they might be found out.

Blackout is our chance to use the freedom we have to serve them. It’s a 21st Century fast where we get sponsored to go quiet on social networks, phones, the internet and whatever else we have freedom to enjoy.

In the process we’ll spend time in prayer, reading the bible and getting inspired by stories of people who know the true cost of following Jesus.

This year, I will be participating in Blackout. You too can participate by doing your own Blackout or with a group of people. I would also like to ask you to sponsor me by clicking on this link which will redirect you to my JustGiving page. Thank you for your time.


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