“Then God said, ‘Let there be light.'”- Genesis 1:3

My reflection on coming out of the Blackout.

As many of you may know I participated in Blackout 2014, a 21st century fast that aimed to raise awareness and money for Christians who are getting persecuted around the world. Christian’s getting persecute is not a new phenomenon. It is not a product of the rise of communism or apart of the aftermath of the Arab Spring, Matthew 5:12 reminds us that even the ancient prophets were persecuted. Taking part in the Blackout made me realise just how privileged I actually am. I am free to go to church and as my previous post stated, free to explore other churches. I am free to read the Bible in public and I am also free to have this blog and to have loving readers. Some of the countries that were on the 2014 World Watch List really shocked me. Maybe I was just naive, but I did not expect people in Ethiopia, Colombia or the Maldives to be persecuted for being a Christian. Blackout 2014, helped me to realise that there truly is power in persistent prayers, sometimes I used to think that we should just pray for an issue once and have faith that God has provided. But God loves those who pray persistently, especially for the needs of others. At times I found it hard to also pray for those who were persecuting the Christians, I just did not know what to say or how to pray for them, but after reading some scriptures and being still, I was able to pray for both those who were getting persecuted and for those who are persecuting them.

Yesterday I wrote a poem about how I felt and I am going to share it with you.

For the persecuted Christian:

This one is for the persecuted Christian,

Who has to pray in silence,

To that member of the Silent Church,

Who feels threatened by the violence.


They mock you and abuse you,

Because you believe in the truth,

They try to break you down and silence you,

And you still cling onto the truth.


To that persecuted Christian I salute you,

I hold you in the highest regard,

Because even members of your family want to shoot you,

So in my eyes your life seems very hard.


To that persecuted Christian,

Who faces torture everyday,

As they try to make you deny your faith,

Just remember that God will never leave you,

God will never leave you,

When your family and friends deny you,

God will never leave you.


You see,

They persecuted Christ,

So in that way you’re quite like Him,

You see they ridiculed Christ,

So in that way you’re quite like Him,

So as long as you stay like Him,

As long as you pray like Him,

When you go to Heaven,

You will receive your reward.


To that persecuted Christian,

I love you,

You are my brother or my sister in Christ,

For that persecuted Christian,

I just pray in Jesus’ name,

That you just keep on believing in Christ.

Thanks for reading, and to those of you who sponsored me, thank you once again.




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