Hold your sword!


It can be so easy at times to try and take control of certain situations, believing that you are strong enough or wise enough to overcome whatever situation that you are going through. But we must wait! God is telling us to hold our sword (metaphorically and physically). John 18:10-11 shows the officials capturing Jesus and in Jesus’ defence, Simon Peter slashes off the right ear of Malchus, the high priests slave. In Simon Peter’s eyes this is his way of defending Jesus, he is standing up for Jesus and trying to show the enemies that they are wrong and will not get away with what they are doing. But Jesus’ response shows us that we should not be rash or hasty but that we should allow God’s plan to be fulfilled. If Simon Peter had overthrown the officials, would Jesus have been brought to trial and then be hung on the cross to die for our sins so that we can receive eternal life? Sometimes, we might be making a good gesture, similar to Simon Peter’s, but if it goes against God’s plan, it will do no good! Very often we try and take things into our own hands but this only brings us backwards. We cannot progress or succeed if we do things alone, we need to involve God in all of our plans. When Simon Peter slashes off the right ear Jesus says to him “Put your sword back into its sheath. Shall I not drink from the cup of suffering the Father has given me?” Jesus acknowledges that what he is going through is all apart of God’s plan. Jesus acknowledges that Simon Peter’s actions will not allow God’s plan to be fulfilled. By acknowledging that God has a plan for us, we should automatically put our swords back into its sheath. We should automatically turn to God and thank him for the blessings that we know that we are going to receive in God’s time. I pray that as daughter’s of God that we will trust in the plan that God has for us and to be strong enough  to resist any thought or temptation that we have to pick up our sword and to fight the battle alone. I pray that we will realise that through Jesus Christ, we already have the victory. In Jesus’ name,



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