Let’s give it all to Him!


I’ve been listening to “He wants it all” by forever JONES quite a lot today and today it really hit me. It is a lovely song to sing a long to and singing along is what I must have been doing all of those other times that I had heard the song before, but today I truly listened to it and understood what the Jones’ family were ministering to us about. The chorus of the song says “And He says, love me, love me with your whole heart, He wants it all today, serve Me, serve Me with your life now, He wants it all today, bow down, let go of your idols, He wants it all today.” These lyrics are so true! God wants us to love Him wholeheartedly, He wants us to put all of our energy into loving Him and serving Him, He wants us to keep our eyes on Him at all times. God wants us to make Him our top priority, He wants us to try and please Him everyday. God wants us, He wants all of us. To be honest, this song really made me reflect today. Yeah, I might have let go of my idols and decided to serve God, but I definitely was not loving God with all of my heart. I was pretty half-hearted when it came to loving God. The thing is that I know that God loves me so much and it is because of that reason that I think I took God for granted. In real life, you have to continuously show people that you love them to ensure that they will always love you back. However, that effort is not required from God in order for Him to love us and that is part of the reason why I didn’t wholeheartedly love God. I prayed to God everyday but I definitely was not zealous when it came to my relationship with God. Today, from this moment on I have decided to give God my all. I pray that as daughters of God that we will give God our all and be passionate about pleasing God daily. I pray that we will give Him our all with a loving heart and that we will continue to grow in Him daily. In Jesus’ name,



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