Christianity – a painful pleasure…

I just shared two music videos, one titled ‘No Gray’ and the other was titled ‘Beware pt.1.’ Although the lyrics are totally different and the artists deliver their messages in different forms they both revealed the same message to me. They both showed me just how important it is to pick sides. It is time for us to choose, it is time for us to choose between this world or God. Since we know that we are not of this world, we know who to choose, but sadly it is not that easy. There is a difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it. We know that we should choose God in every situation but sometimes the world can throw things at us that are just so appealing and since we know that God will forgive us if we repent, we do it. But we need to stop! We need to choose God in every situation. Bizzle mentions a very important point at the end of his song, he tells us that if we cannot recognise the devil without him showing us his horns then we are in trouble. Sometimes we can be so enticed by things of this world that we do not realise just how much they go against what we believe in. Some of us believe that we are strong enough to not compromise our faith when we are surrounded by things of this world, this may be true, but why would you want to be surrounded by things of this world? Isn’t God’s promises enough for you to make you content? Choosing to follow Christ is one of the most painful pleasures (pardon my oxymoron) that we can ever experience in life. It could be so easy to just decide to give your heart to God later on in your life and just enjoy life right now because then you could do all of the things that your friends are doing and go to all of the places that your friends are going, but these things can only give them temporary pleasure. There is that feeling that you get when you realise that you are in the presence of God, or when you look at something that happened in your life and you realise that it was only by the grace of God that these things came together that brings you that pleasure. Right now, Christianity is being attacked, they call us all sorts of names, but these words can only offend the flesh, if we stand strong and choose God, we will be happy because if we follow the spirit this can bring us ultimate pleasure. Choosing to follow Christ is a painful pleasure because it can be painful to the flesh but an absolute pleasure to the spirit. Once you know which one is more important, the decision to choose Christ over the world will be much easier. I pray that as daughter’s of God that we will understand that we are promised eternal life, there is nothing on this world that can ever equate to eternal life. I pray that God gives us strength throughout this battle to choose Him everyday. In Jesus’ name,



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