It’s Friday but Sunday’s coming…

This video made me think that in a way our lives can be very much like this. We may be experiencing a Good Friday, where we feel as though we are being attacked spiritually, mentally or even physically. We may feel as though this is the end and that it cannot get any worse. But remember that after Good Friday comes Easter Sunday. The day that He rose! The day that He was able to prove that despite all that the world threw at Him, He was able to overcome. Right now, you might be feeling as though it is your Good Friday and you do not know how you will ever make it, but hold on to the promises of God, He promises to bring you through your storm. The story of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection represents so much, it is both literal and symbolic. Although we may mourn His death, we must rejoice in the fact that death could not hold Him down. There is nothing in this world that can break you or destroy you if you continually seek God and hold His promises close to you. Remember that Jesus rose on Easter Sunday and not Holy Saturday, so although you may feel as though you have been where you are for too long, God WILL turn it around, we have to wait on His timing. I pray that as daughters of God that we will be able to remember at all times that God will never forsake us and that He will bring us through any situation. I pray that during this season we will take time to reflect and appreciate the sacrifice that Christ made for us when He died and that we will also think about the effect that this has had on our lives and what it shows us. In Jesus’ name,



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  1. Shirley says:

    Love this. And feeling so encouraged. xxx

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