I need to fix up!

This is a bit of a realisation that I had today. I am not taking God seriously. I don’t mean that I treat Him as a joke, but I mean that I am not respecting Him as much as I ought to. I have become an avid fan of Instapray recently. Earlier this week I posted a prayer saying ‘God will never tell you to paint a picture and not provide the paint or the brush.’ I wrote that after realising that God has actually provided me with everything that I need to fulfil the tasks that He has set me. However, what I realised today was that I have not been respecting God and that I have been taking Him for granted. It dawned on me today that He could easily take away the very things that He has given me and if it is His will, He will do it instantly. I started university this year and I really learnt what it meant to work to a deadline. Thank God that I am a relatively organised person! I realise that going to university and getting good grades won’t get me into heaven, but I also put in quite a lot of effort because I know that ultimately my success will bring glory to God. In the grand scheme of things, my career choice or the amount of money that I earn won’t give me access to eternal life, but I acknowledge that I must chose a career path that will glorify God and enable me to fulfil the plans that He has for me. God has given me three tasks. He told me that I have to complete one by the time that I turn 19, another by the end of the year and that I must start the last one after I finish the first one. I started the first task but I have only been doing it half heartedly assuming that I have all summer to complete it. I am nearly halfway through completing the second task and since I haven’t completed the first, I haven’t finished the last task. Today God told me this, He said that I should start treating Him like one of my professors, He asked me why I respect their deadlines and not His when He is greater than them? I suddenly realised that I have taken God’s grace for granted, I have just assumed that He will always provide for me. I have realised that I must wholeheartedly obey God and stop procrastinating because in the end, all that I am and everything that I have is only possible because of the Great I AM! My prayer is that as children of God, we will obey His commands, I pray that we will stop procrastinating and complete whatever it is that He has asked us to do and that we will be grateful that He has chosen to you us to glorify His name. In Jesus’ name,



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