But God, I don’t like manna…

Sorry for another Instapray reference, but it is really opening my eyes to a few things. I realised something that I can do quite frequently. I will pray to God asking for something and then say something like ‘if it is Your will,’ or ‘Your will be done,’ and I saw quite a few prayers like that come up on my feed and this really made me think. If I pray and then ask for God’s will to be shown, what is going to happen if His will doesn’t match mine? Sometimes I say that because it just seems politically correct, but I recently realised that if I am going to say that, I must be willing to see God’s will no matter what it is. Sometimes many of us think that God has not answered our prayers, sometimes we just keep praying for God to give us what we want but that is not always necessary. God has already answered our prayers most of the time but we fail to recognise that because His will doesn’t match our own. God showed me that He knows me best so instead of praying for God to bring me out of certain situations, I need to be still because He wants me to grow through these trials and not just overcome them because without a test, how will we ever have a testimony? Imagine if you were walking through the wilderness on your way to the promised land and you were starving. You had the perfect meal in your head so you started praying to God, asking Him to provide food for you. Then as you say ‘Your will be done, In Jesus’ name Amen,’ manna starts falling down from the sky. But you don’t want manna, you don’t like manna, you start thinking if only that manna was *inserts desired food* and you then dismiss this manna falling from the sky as a mere ‘coincidence.’ God showed me that if I am going to pray to Him, if at times I don’t know what to say, He will be satisfied with me thanking Him and asking for His will to be done, because I could be praying for endless things and if it is not in His will for me, He will not provide it. God showed me that if my will was fulfilled I would only be satisfied temporarily, but that if He provided me with His will, I will be satisfied for eternity. I pray that as children of God, that we will learn to pray for God to show us His will for our lives and that we will be grateful. In Jesus’ name,



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