Mr. Range Rover

Two songs inspired this post, Mr. Range Rover by Bizzle and Numbers Game by Jahaziel ft. Christon Gray I really believe that God uses musicians as vessels to preach the gospel, I felt as though these songs ministered to me because after listening to them I felt convicted.

I have been thinking about two things recently; success and beauty. (This post is about success as I am still not to sure about beauty). What is success? What does it mean to be successful? We often try to measure success, but one thing that I learnt is that it is impossible to do so. A common question that is raised throughout the old testament is ‘why do the wicked prosper?’ The truth is, they don’t. The idea that wicked people prosper is only true if you believe that to prosper is to gain everything that the world has to offer. It may appear that the wicked prosper because you see them living in a nice house, travelling the globe, driving expensive cars and living what appears to be a luxury life. You might start to think, why is it that I serve God so zealously and this person denies God with that same zeal that they are able to have everything whereas I just live a bog-standard life? You might start to wonder why God has not blessed you? The truth is, you are blessed, the supposed luxurious life that the wicked person enjoys nice, is going to be the only luxury that they will ever experience if they do not receive what you will receive…and that is the eternal life.

What does it mean to be successful in the eyes of God? To be successful in the eyes of God is to be able to love everyone, to seek a relationship with Him and to know Him. The truth is, God doesn’t care if you rent your house or own your house, that is how the world measures your success. To understand what it means to be successful, we must first believe that there is more to life than this world. When we believe that, we will also know that we will have to strive to be successful in God’s eyes. One thing that is very important to avoid is pride. We do not only express pride when we boast about our material possessions or refuse to apologise, we can also express spiritual pride. Spiritual pride? When we believe that we did it and God didn’t. Spiritual pride is shown when God exalts us to a certain level and we believe that it is of our own doing, or that God chose us because we are better than other people. Spiritual pride is when we believe that we are holier than thou and judge and condemn other believers. Spiritual pride is when we are boastful and do not give God the glory for the works that He alone has done. We are not sovereign. Only God can change things. Only Jesus saves. We are reminded that salvation is a gift and that we should not boast about it. We were not saved because we were worthy, we became worthy because we are saved.

Another thing that we must avoid is envy. When someone receives a blessing, we should marvel at the works of God instead of complaining and asking God why He couldn’t do the same thing for us. You don’t know the conversations that God has had with that person or the amount of times that God has broken that person to build them up to where they are now. You don’t know about the amount of weeks or months that that person has fasted to receive their blessings. We must also avoid being envious of Mr. Range Rover, remember Luke 9:25! Your blessings are permanent, theirs are only temporary. Mr. Range Rover looks like he has it all, but if you are successful in God’s eyes, you will have so much more. The thing is if you are successful in God’s eyes it is mainly internal. Don’t feel that you aren’t successful because people don’t seem to treat you like the success that you are.

I pray that as children of God that we will strive to be successful in God’s eyes because although it may be hard, the reward will be worth it. In Jesus’ name,



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