Conversations with my brother…


Conversations with my brother...

My brother came home for the weekend last week, he left on Monday. Before he was about to leave, God made me do something, although in my head I didn’t think that it would be easy, I had to trust God.

I was watching Joseph Prince on t.v when this happened. I can really say that it was in God’s plan for me to have turned it on to that channel because it really set the scene for what I needed to say. I am the type of person that you might not want to watch t.v. with, I am not a guesser constantly guessing the ending, I like to think that I am a bit better than those people, but I do like to ask peoples opinions about what is happening. Anyway. At first we were trying to find out where Joseph Prince was from because of his accent and whilst we were talking I heard God say to me “you can’t let him leave here without telling him about Me, if you really want members of your family to be saved, you have to play your part, I am going to use you.” I can’t remember how this related to what we were talking about, maybe it didn’t but I then asked my brother one simple question “what do you think happens when you die?” He told me that he thinks that if you are good, then you go to heaven and if you are bad you go to hell. So I then asked him, where do you think you will go? He said heaven because he is a good person. It is only in retrospect that I realised that I have actually failed God. I then started to tell him about my beliefs, about how even if you are a good person, unless you have accepted Christ, you won’t receive eternal life.

This story doesn’t have a dramatic ending, he didn’t say the sinner’s prayer right before he left, but it really made me reflect. How selfish am I? How can I know the truth and only tell my brother now? This then reminded me of the teachings in Romans 10:14-15, without us telling them, how will they ever know? God is so good, after he left I thanked God for that opportunity. Whilst we were talking and I kept asking him questions, my brother said to me “are you a Jehovah witness or something?” and I said “no but I am a witness for Jehovah.” Although at the time it just seemed like a witty reply, I realised afterwards that that is what we are meant to be. I have a lot of respect for Jehovah witness’ because they never quit, they are constantly spreading the Gospel, rain or shine and even to strangers and yet it took me three years to even tell my brother. The next day, God provided another opportunity for me to share the Gospel with my dad. One of the things about evangelising is that you often think; what about if I don’t have all of the answers, what about if they think I am just bombarding them, how do I avoid condemning them, how do I avoid being confrontational? These were all of my worries. But, what God has shown me is that if I am unashamed of the Gospel, study the word and if I pray for wisdom, He will provide opportunities for me and He will also provide me with the answers. Witnessing doesn’t only have to take place on missions or in the high street, it can also and should also take place in the home. I pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ who feel that God wants them to share the Gospel with others, I pray that they will seek God and ask Him to provide a way, I pray that you will be unashamed of the Gospel and that you will stand strong on your beliefs. In Jesus’ name,



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