The persecuted disciples


The persecuted disciples

One of the greatest pieces of evidence that verifies the resurrection of Christ is the persecution of His disciples. Why would they have suffered such a death if they knew that it was a lie? Christ was persecuted and He reminded us that even the old prophets were persecuted and that we should not be surprised about Christians being persecuted. If they did not spare the Messiah, why would they spare us?

There are two stories that are circulating in the mainstream media today. The story of the girls who were abducted by Boko Haram and the story about Meriam Ibrahim Ishag who has been sentenced to death for being a Christian and marrying a Christian man. She was told that she will be executed in two years time after her unborn child turns two. In many countries, Christians are currently being persecuted but I thank God that these stories are finally being highlighted. Many people are unaware about the sufferings of Christians across the world who are being forced to deny their faith. Many believe that liberal democracy has triumphed and people are freely allowed to express themselves and their faith. As these stories gain more and more media attention, it reminds the Christian world to pray for their brothers and sisters in Christ who do not have the freedom to worship as they do. It would be so easy for them to just publicly deny Christ and spare their lives however despite the judge giving Meriam three days to change her mind, she hung onto her faith.

I pray for the persecuted disciples who are suffering, I pray that they will continue to grow in their faith so that they can endure this. I pray for the leaders of the countries and those who are involved in the persecutions, I pray that they will open their hearts and open their eyes to the truth. I pray for peace. In Jesus’ name,



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