The biggest lie that I was ever told!


The biggest lie that I was ever told!

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

One month ago I drafted a post. It was called “What is beauty?” That is all that post consisted of because that was all I had to say. I didn’t have an answer. I was trying to understand what beauty actually is. I was trying to understand what the biblical description of beauty is. I was a bit tired of settling for the idea that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Believing the lie that beauty was in the eye of the beholder had me believing that beauty can be crafted and gained by using products of this world. MAC and Maybelline made me believe that to be beautiful was to be flawless. MTV made me believe that to be beautiful was to have thick thighs and a big bum. What I realised was that what the world considers to be beautiful is constantly changing. So does beauty really exist? Thick thighs were beautiful at one point but now thigh gaps are the in thing. So if beauty is in the eye of the beholder you will always be altering yourself to try and please the beholder who will never really be satisfied.

Proverbs 31:30 was the obvious go to scripture to help me understand what beauty was but I still needed to understand more. I needed to understand what it meant to be inwardly beautiful. I kept asking God what it was that He meant and how I could achieve this inward beauty. To sum it up, He told me that the only thing that a beautiful woman wears is the armour of God. All of the rest of the things mean nothing to Him. As long as we die to ourselves daily and put God above everything else we do, we will be inwardly beautiful.

One thing that has been bothering me for the past few months is my hair. I have been on a hair journey and learnt so much about how to deal with my hair. I then started thinking am I being ungrateful for relaxing my hair and not allowing it to be in the natural state that God has made it. Our hair is our crown so I was unsure about whether or not God wanted me to cut it. I kept asking God for a sign and today He gave it to me so I will now go natural. I realised now that God does not want me to do it just for myself but so that I can be an example. One of the only reasons that my hair is relaxed was because I had little knowledge about the natural state of my hair but now I have no excuse. He told me today not to do it for me but to do it for my sister and my daughter. My daughter? I don’t even have a daughter. But He said that when He blesses me with one, how will she understand that she is beautiful just the way she is if her tiara doesn’t match her mothers crown? How will she be able to understand that God loves her as she is if her mother is not even in her natural state? So today I have decided that by the time that I am 19 I will do the big chop. I am writing this post more as a way to make sure that I actually do it. Since I have confessed it, I must now follow through. I thank God for helping me.

I pray that as daughter’s of God that we will strive to please Him above all else and that we will not give in to the world’s definition of beautiful but try and be the daughter’s of God that God intends for us to be. In Jesus’ name,



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  1. One of our member just re-shared this on Godinterest. AMEN

  2. Like you, i’ve always wondered about beauty too..its definitely not what the world defines as beauty that it is.
    I wrote on beauty on a while ago, you can see here-

    1. It is still something that I am trying to understand, ok great I will take a look now, thanks for sharing.

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