What has my doctor got to do with it?


I usually hear most Rhema’s at nighttime as I am lying in bed. I usually have to write them down in my journal or if not, on my wall so that I can remember them in the morning. One thing that I have learnt is that more often than not, when I can’t sleep it is usually because God wants to tell me something. Only He know’s why He chooses that time to explain things to me.

Last night as I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep, God put a memory in my head. I previously considered this to be an insignificant event so when He showed it to me I was initially confused but as He began to use it to explain His kingdom, I realised why He reminded me of it. A couple months ago I was in a car park with my mum and as we were getting in the car to leave, she pointed out that our doctor and his family were walking past. This car park was about two minutes away from the doctor surgery and the doctor parked his car there and went to the high street because he was able to get free parking. That was it. That’s the memory. Now you can probably understand why I was confused when God put it in my head.

He then asked me if I see anything wrong with what the doctor did. I said no, since he is able to get free parking what is the point of paying for parking somewhere else. Then God told me that it is that very mentality that is stopping His kingdom from growing. Parking tickets and fines are some of the ways that local councils make money. They then use this money to develop the area and pay their employees. The money is not stored up, but recycled. God then related this to His kingdom. Particularly to the topic of tithes and offerings but this could also be expanded to the use of gifts etc. 

He said, when He blesses His children that it breaks His heart when they take advantage of His grace. He said that when He blesses us, we quickly try and see how we can benefit the most out of this blessing without even giving Him the glory. He said that He provides us with money but instead of investing the money in His kingdom (the link between tithes and offerings and paying for a parking ticket) we decide to either save the money or spend it on things that are of no real value but cost a lot of money. He said that He doesn’t have a problem with us buying nice things, He said that He has a problem with us choosing to buy nice things over investing in His kingdom. If Exodus 34, verse 14 in particular teaches us anything, it is that we serve a jealous God. So this really gave me something to think about.


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