To my sister who is trying to find her gift,



I believe that we all have a purpose for living, God wants to use everyone of us to enlarge His kingdom. I believe that God has given everyone of us a gift and that He wants us to use it to spread the Gospel. This letter is for my sister who is trying to find her gift, I pray that this letter will encourage you to keep looking and to never give up.

There are many kinds of gifts and God enables us to do many different things with these gift. Some people can talk, some can listen, some can write, some can sing, some can dance, some can comfort, some can know, some can support, some can organise and there are many other things that God enables us to do. No gift is bigger or more valuable than the other because if all of them are used correctly, ultimately they will all point back to the Provider and not the recipient. Once we discover our gift, it is very important that we use it to glorify God and not ourselves. 

One thing that I realised is that whatever your gift is, you will be good at it. I am not saying that you will be perfect at your gift, but I am saying that it will come naturally. But I learnt something recently when I started writing and that was that God will never tell you to paint a picture and not provide you with the paint or the brush, or even the canvas to do so. There is nothing that God will make you do that He has not already provided a way for you to do. One way in which you can identify your gift is by looking at something that you feel you are naturally good at. Some people have more than one gift. You might be gifted at speaking to people, maybe God has called you to share the Gospel with people by becoming a mentor or even a pastor, maybe God has called you to be a minister. One thing that I can say is that you must pray to God as you try and find a way to glorify Him through your life.

To be totally honest, one thing that you should not do is allow other people to identify your gift and take it as fact. Pray for the power of discernment. With regards to the use of your gift, there would be nothing worse than you doing a ministry that God has not instructed you to do. Someone might say that you would make a good praise and worship leader or a great member of the hospitality team or a great youth leader, but unless that is what God has called you to be, you will not be able to glorify God as much as He intends for you to do so.

The final thing that I want to say to you is to be still and to seek God first. Without God, we are nothing. Please do not compare your life to others, this could lead to you feeling envious and could even resort in you living out another persons calling. Pray to God with a sincere heart and ask Him to reveal a way for Him to use you. He wants to use you. Romans 10:14-15 shows just how important it is for us to submit to God and allow Him to use us to enlarge His kingdom. Do not feel as though you are not special or loved by God just because He has not called you to be a leader, God loves every one of us the same. Do not feel discouraged. Do not feel defeated. Keep praying.

To my sister who is trying to find her gift, please keep on praying. Please keep on trying to please God. I pray that when you find your gift that you will use it to glorify God and God alone. Do not use it to show how great you are or boast about your gift. Be humble. Be thankful that God has provided for you. Do not use your gift to glorify the world either, the world would love you to use your gift to glorify it, but just like you, your gift is not of this world. To my sister who is trying to find her gift, I love you and so does my Father.

I pray that you will meditate on the word’s that were given to us in Romans 12: 6-8 because it reminds us that it is by God’s grace that we will receive this gifts and not of our doing.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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