My BC days were easy,
My BC days were fine,
No standards, no purpose, no rules.

Do you every get that sense of nostalgia?
Thinking about your BC days,
Longing for your BC days,
Looking at your friends still living BC,
Their lives seem so carefree,
No standards, no purpose, no rules,
I do.

But when I feel nostalgic it doesn’t last for long,
Nostalgia quickly turns to gratitude when I look at how far He’s brought me.

During my BC days, I was my own god,
I wouldn’t say that I was immoral or amoral,
I was a deer panting for water believing that the spring of life could be found in this world,
I was a child in every sense,
But now I have grown up.

These days I feel a different sense of nostalgia,
When the drummer kicks the bass,
Then hits the snare,
And the pianist starts playing the chords,
And the soprano worship singer belts ‘holy you are Lord,’
I feel a sense of nostalgia because I miss the days where I wasn’t just singing along but truly worshipping.

These days I feel a different sense of nostalgia,
It’s the feeling that only a complacent worshipper gets,
Where you long for the days during 1 AD,
Where you would praise God from the heart and seek his face daily,
But I want to go back to those days,
Where everything was new,
When I first fell in love and wanted to be with Him every moment of every day,
When the first thing that I would do before checking my phone was pray,
Those days right after I gave Him my heart,
Because I feel like we are growing apart,
But I am ready to make a change,
And get back to the 1AD me,
Good bye nostalgia!


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