Two simple questions that reminded me about the Truth!

1) If the Bible is just a book of fairy-tales, then why is it banned in at least 52 countries?

2) If the white man gave us the Bible, how come we were forbidden to read it?

I saw these two questions recently and it just fuelled my faith. Atheists and people of other religions can’t understand why we believe that the words written by human hands are the words of God. Sigmund Freud claimed that religion is an illusion that is just used to control the masses and to manipulate them into doing whatever they want. Malcolm X claimed that Christianity is the ‘white man’s religion’ and is used to prevent blacks from coming together to prosper and makes them accept the oppression that they face. One thing that is clear is that to make those claims simply proves that both men didn’t understand the Bible. 

The Bible is a gift from God. Sometimes when we feel like we can’t hear God, it is not because He has left us but because we have neglected to read His word. 

If anyone is struggling to read the Bible as often as you feel you should be doing so, I would recommend that you watch this video, it is extremely helpful. 



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  1. Sharon Grant says:

    Hi Shaakira, Thanks for the post but I can’t access the video – is it just my phone?

    Kind regards Sharon Sent from my iPhone

    1. Hi I’m not sure why that happened here is the link Helpful Bible Study Tips | @whatisjoedoing:

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