Note to self.

The original title for this post was ‘do you ever wonder if you will get in to heaven?’ I started doing my research and going through scriptures because that is something that has been on my mind a lot lately. I was wondering at what stage of your Christian walk does God decide that you have passed and can now go to heaven. Is it when you are saved? Is it when you begin to produce good fruits? Is it when you get baptised? Or is it at the end of your life? However as I began to write, God told me that although that is a conversation that is fine to have with Him, it is not what I am meant to share. He asked me, why do you want to heaven? It is then that I remembered that my goal is not to go to heaven per se but to be in His presence for eternity. He reminded me that a heaven without Him is hell. Sometimes we have the idea that heaven is the ultimate destination. Although that is true, we must remember that heaven is where the King of King’s and Lord of Lord’s sits. He reminded me that the ultimate goal is to know Him.

One thing that He revealed to me was regarding the salvation of my family members. Previously, the main reason that I wanted them to be saved was because I wanted them to go to heaven. What God revealed to me was that my intentions were all wrong. My desire should be for them to know Him because it is only by knowing Him that they will be able to receive this eternal life. I figured that when people die, it must be a lot easier to deal with your grief if you have a certain amount of assurance that they will go to heaven. But that is pretty selfish. He made me realise that the most important thing is for them to know Him.

The next thing that He revealed to me was that I was confused about the importance of being equally yoked. I previously assumed that God instructed us to be equally yoked because marriage is a covenant and it is eternal, so there is no point marrying a non-believer if they will never enter God’s Kingdom. The marriage would only be temporary. However, He recently reminded me that a marriage is in fact a ministry. The couple are meant to be the ministers of their home, but how can the wife or husband complete this ministry effectively if their partner is still in the darkness? How do you expect them to raise God-fearing children to continue the will of God in heaven if one of the parents rejects Christ? The ultimate goal of a marriage is to raise a future generation who will know Christ.

What I finally understood was that above all else, we should strive to know Him! We will only be able to produce good fruits once we know Him. I finally realised that we do not go to heaven because we have been baptised or because we tithe. We do not automatically gain access into God’s kingdom because we give to the poor or because we read the Bible. I realised that the root of all of these things comes from knowing Christ or at least trying to get to know Him. We read the Bible because we want to get to know Him. We give to the poor because we want to follow His instructions. We tithe because we want His kingdom on earth to flourish and stay strong until He returns. We get baptised to show the world that we no longer belong to it. We do all of these things because we know Him and as Matthew 7 shows us, it is by knowing Him that we will receive eternal life.


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