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I used to have another blog that primarily focused on international relations and my main tagline was the world around me. At the moment I think that it is very fitting to bring that theme back.

One thing I realised about the British media is that they are so scared of appearing Islamophobic or anti-Semitic that they actually fail to report about the things that are going on in the world. I am going to provide three examples but there are many more.

1) The Boko Haram situation in Nigeria…

Boko Haram are not a new terrorist group. They have been well known to government officials as a militant Islamist group for over a decade now. Meaning that since they officially formed in 2002, they have been around longer than most of the girls that they kidnapped. What the media has failed to mention is that the current President Goodluck Jonathan is actually the first Christian man to become President of Nigeria in over a decade, a factor which caused the rise of Boko Haram in Nigeria. So although it is easy for the media to just assume that this man is doing very little to bring the girls back safely, they fail to make the public aware of the fact that this is a man dealing with militant Islamists in the country with the most Muslims in Africa. 

2) The ISIS situation in Iraq…

We don’t hear much about what is happening in Iraq anymore. Every news station is focusing on the Ebola and Gaza crisis. A couple of weeks ago, the militant Islamist group ISIS forced the Christians in Iraq to put the letter ‘N’ on their doors to symbolise that they were followers of Jesus the Nazarene. This made it possible for the ISIS militants to identify the so called dissident or apostate members of the country. As you read this, ISIS terrorists are beheading Christians in Iraq in a hope to ‘cleanse’ their country and start a new regime. Please remember to pray for the Persecuted Church because although Christ warned us that this would happen, it is still our duty to support them in whichever way we can because we are ONE BODY.

3) Sayeeda Warsi’s resignation letter…

It’s not all about Gaza. The way that the letter was spun by the British press in particular made it seem as though Baroness Warsi resigned solely because she was fed up with the British government’s stance on Gaza. But if you actually read the letter you will see that she also does not feel that the government is doing enough to help the Christians across the world who are being persecuted.


I had a lecture last semester and a political journalist came in to speak to us. He told us that they know that the majority of the people who watch the news will just take the journalists word for it. They would never read the full document but just take the journalists word for it. One thing that shocked me was that he said that most big television news channels actually get their news from the newspapers. That is absolutely frightening because it means that less research is actually done. 

I am not saying that the British press hates Christians, nor am I saying that they lie. However I know for sure that they have set out to tarnish Christianity. They constantly focus on priests being accused of sexual offences but never make their viewers aware of the troubles that Christians face. Our TV is constantly flooded with images of the situation in Gaza but what about the millions of Christians who are being persecuted? Why are they not even acknowledged? There are Christian sources in which you will be able to find out about issues that are happening to your brothers and sisters in Christ so that you can keep them in your prayers. You can watch Revelation TV on your actual TV, you can find their channel numbers on the link that I attached and there is also Christian Post, an online Christian newspaper. Another site that keeps you updated about the Persecuted Church is OpenDoors and on their site you can find ways to help financially as well as prayer alerts. 



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  1. sscox2013 says:

    Thank you for the info in this blog! I learnt so much. As Christians we really do have to be aware of what is going on around the world. And we have to pray. We don’t know when it will come to us more severely as it is with us albeit a lesser form.

    God bless

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