True faith!



Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen 

(Hebrews 11:1)

I am not sure if you guys know but right now is results season for a lot of students. Last Thursday the A-Level students got their exam results and found out if they got into university and if so which one. Before writing this post, I asked my friend if I could share a bit of her story because what she said really inspired me and I think that it could inspire someone else. 

I hardly had any signal for all of last week. So when I finally got signal, I messaged her and asked her how results day went. She then replied saying “Hey Shaakira it was not great I didn’t get into **firm university.** But I am good it just means God has other plans for me.” She then went on to talk about how the Word, particularly Isaiah 40:31 and Jeremiah 29:11 really helped. All I could think is WOW

I was truly in awe of her faith and trust in God. It is so easy to say that you have faith in God when you are praying for something. But when everything comes to pass and it does not turn out how you hoped, how many of us can say that we will be fine? I know that I couldn’t. It would take a lot for me to remember that God has my best interests at heart. I would probably blame myself and assume that God is punishing me for something. Until she told me that, I forgot that God has better plans for me than I could ever imagine. She has now gotten onto another course and it can only be God who enabled that to happen. 

All too often it is easy to cry and get upset about things that God stopped you from encountering. As I am typing this my iTunes is on shuffle and a song just came on that summarises what I am talking about. It is the second interlude called G.P. by Json. In that he talks about how he missed his flight that was meant to connect him to another flight so he had to get a direct flight to his destination. During the time that he missed his flight he was angry at God asking him why he allowed it to happen. Then it turned out that he would not have made it because the connecting flight had been cancelled. It was only in hindsight that he was able to realise that is was because of God’s sovereign nature that all things were able to come out in his favour.

Even in my friends situation, only God knows what He stopped from happening to her. Her exam results do not label her a failure in His eyes. If anything it brands her as a success because she was able to have faith in Him despite her situation. She was able to remember God’s promises to her. She was able to pray to Him and ask Him to give her strength.

I pray to have faith that is stronger than my pain, in Jesus’ name, Amen.


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