I’m in a battle with my flesh…

Here is a little poem that I wrote recently. We are all fighting our own battles. No sin is bigger than another in the eyes of God. I realised that there are many things that we can do that we do not even realise are sinful. I realised that just because you don’t know a celebrity, when you talk about their life in a negative way, it is still gossip. Greed is also something that many of us battle with as well as pride. We often try and misquote scriptures to defend ourselves in our sin. Anyway, take a look, I hope that you enjoy it. 


I’m in a battle with my flesh,

I tried to fast,

But that didn’t work,

I gave up after two hours,

I felt so bad afterwards though because now I know that I wasn’t hungry,

I’m just greedy,

I’m addicted to food.


I’m in a battle with my flesh,

I tried to fight it,

But week after week (weak after weak),

I find myself back on that illegal website,

Watching those reality TV shows,

Watching lost Queen’s verbally tear each other apart,

Comparing my life to those ‘character’s’,

Resenting my husband for not spoiling me like the ‘men’ on the screen,

I’m an envious gossip.


I’m in a battle with my flesh,

As I put on my headphones and turn on my iPod,

I scroll down and select ‘shuffle songs’,

But I’m not in the mood for gospel music today *clicks next*,

Now I’m bopping my head to my favourite secular artist,

I know that his songs are not of God,

But hey! God made him too right?

Let the one who hasn’t sinned cast the first stone right?

All I’m doing is giving money for him to brag about,

I’m struggling to distance myself from this world.


I’m in a battle with my flesh, 

But I think I love him,

But even if I don’t it feels so good,

There’s no condemnation in Christ right?

God said be fruitful and multiply right?

I don’t care if I don’t have a ring yet,

He calls me ‘wifey’,

He calls me nightly,

Well the nights that I’m not laying beside him anyway,

I’m struggling to be the light.


I’m in a fight with my flesh,

But I know that I will win,

I’m in a fight with my flesh,

But the blood of Jesus will help me to conquer all my sins.


I’m in a fight with my flesh,

And I’ll never give up,

By the Holy Spirit I’ve been convicted,

By the Son of God I’ve been acquitted,

You see,

It’s hard to have pure thoughts,

When I constantly feed my flesh,

When all I do is watch shows promoting; homosexuality, adultery, fornication,

You see I’ve realised the world’s tactics of manipulation,

It’s an abomination,

That they have done this for so long,

Goodbye world, I’m feeding my soul!


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