The break-up

And then she said, “how could you do this to me? I thought you said you love me…”

Then he said, “the truth is, I don’t think I ever loved you,

I loved the idea of loving you,

I loved the idea of keeping you,

I even loved the idea of marrying you,

But it’s not that easy,

You see,

To love you would mean to keep you,

To love you would mean to hold you,

To love you would mean to view you as my equal when it comes to loving you,

There would be no me versus you,

There would be us,

The dynamic duo,

There would be no jealousy or boasting,

There would be patience and kindness,

But the thing is,

I’m not ready for all of that,

I just got used to the idea of the idea of loving you,

I’m not ready to take the next step.”

Then suddenly it hit her,

It finally made sense,

When the Lady first warned her,

She ignored her,

So she had to learn the hard way.

You see she woke love up before it desired,

She stopped love from hitting ‘snooze’ and poured water over love to wake him up,

She wasn’t meant to meet love quite yet,

So she ignored Love’s warnings and went out to find him on her own.

But little did she know that she would meet a wolf in sheep’s clothing,

Lust in love’s clothing,

Even when he took off his clothes she still refused to see him for who he really was.

You see her friends were all married with children,

She felt isolated,

Isolated from the club,

The club where ladies talk about their husbands and children,

They didn’t want to hear stories about her nieces and nephews,

Or so she thought.

Little did she know,

That the leaders of the club were trying to save their marriages,

Little did she know,

That the leaders of the club were struggling to raise their children,

Because although they were married they were pretty much single mums,

Married single mums?

No that’s not an oxymoron,

It’s an accurate description of many ‘nuclear’ families,

Because the husband has to work so much that the wife has to raise their children on their own.

She finally realised that she should have let love stay asleep,

She should have waited for Love to give her love,

Because when the time is right,

Love will give her a love who is patient and kind,

A love who keeps no record of right and wrong,

That true kind of love,

That faithful kind of love,

The love that can only be given by someone who knows the True Love.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. size 0 says:

    And it is true ))) Beautiful piece! Keep going ))

    1. Thank you for taking your time to read it, I will do, God bless.

  2. inktopaperblog says:

    Awesome poem on the importance of waiting on God’s timing on love. God bless

    1. Thank you very much for reading, may God bless you

  3. True..a lot of people just keep having issues cuz they don’t know what true love is and you can’t give out what you don’t know.true love is what 1cor 13 says..if all could let that sink, relationships and marriages will be better for it.God help us all

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