To my sister who just wants to fit in,

One thing that I recently learnt, is that as Christians, we are not meant to just simply fit in. How could someone who is not of this world simply blend in? We are frequently told in the Bible that we are the light and the salt of this earth. So no matter where you go, you should always expect to stand out.

At times it can be a bit frustrating because it looks as though people you know are having more fun than you. They are going out, ‘living life to the fullest with no regrets.’ They are doing everything. I have felt like that at times. But one thing that God has been teaching me and reminding me is that the joy that we will experience in heaven is so much more than any joy that we could ever experience in this world. He has been teaching me about what is known as the ‘eternal perspective.’ Think of it this way, it might not seem like it will get better, everything right now indicates that it never will, but our eternal perspective comes from Jesus when He said “It is finished.” The victory is already ours. Our knowledge of the future enables us to endure the present because as Matthew 5:12 reminds us ‘great is your reward in heaven.’

Above all else, the most important thing is to know God. We must strive to hear His voice, know His plans for you, understand His nature and desire to know Him! The reason for this is because with knowing Him, we will gain a desire to please Him. Our number one priority should be to know God. Although it would be so much easier to live as though you were apart of this world, that is not what God has planned for us. The book of John emphasises frequently that we do not belong to this world particularly from chapters 15-17. What scared me was John 17:3 mainly because my spirit keeps leading me towards the topic of giving God your heart. John 17:3 says ‘And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.’ When you link this to Proverbs 8:35 and John 5:44 you realise just how much God wants us to know Him. If we do not know Him, how do we expect to receive eternal life?

This scripture shows that we must be in complete submission to  God and give Him full control over our lives. In life, to give anyone your heart involves a lot of trust, faith and belief in them. To give someone your heart gives them the opportunity to break it. It is a lot easier to give God your heart than man  because He has our best interests at heart. God has chosen you to be the light of this world. Matthew 5:13-16 reminds us that we are the salt and the light of this world. Jesus then asks us what good is it if the salt has lost it’s flavour and then reminds us that as light’s we should not try to hide our light but should ensure that we allow it to shine bright for the entire world to see and hopefully come to know Christ.

To my sister who just wants to fit in, I pray that you will understand just how blessed you are. If you allowed the world to see who God has made you to be, you would understand that you do not need to fit in. God has called you to live a life of excellence. You cannot be the light that He has called you to be and bring people to Christ and you can not do that through a live of mediocrity or by just scraping by but by living for Christ and Christ alone.

To my sister who just wants to fit in, I pray that you will embrace your calling. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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  1. tobiogunseye says:

    This is simply perfect missy!

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