My experience of being natural!

Following on from my last update, I cut my hair about three months ago. I did it before the time that I originally planned to. The main reason for that is because once I decided that I was going to cut it and mentally prepared myself for this change, I didn’t see the point of holding onto the hair anymore. Anyway, since cutting my hair I have noticed a few things and I would like to share my experience with you.

  1. When I cut my hair I felt like I had been initiated into a cult – I am not even joking. For the first few weeks after cutting my hair it seriously felt like that. People who didn’t use to speak to me before suddenly started speaking to me (people with natural hair). They would recommend products to me. Ask how I am coping with it etc. I’m not saying this was a bad thing. It was actually pretty nice that people were welcoming. I remember talking to my brother’s hairdresser and telling her that and she told me that most people do it because they recognise that you have realised who you are. I guess that makes sense.
  2. I turned into a natural hair snob for a bit – After being ‘initiated into the cult,’ I then started to become a natural hair snob. You know, the type of person who believes that since they have done it they are now more superior than those who are still hooked to the ‘creamy crack.’ It took a while for me to realise that just because I was fortunate enough to come to this realisation at a young age, not everyone is like me. Although I still believe that it was a great decision for my hairs health, I didn’t want to belittle others for simply not being me.
  3. I understood what it felt like to be obedient – As you might remember, this decision was something that I prayed about. I knew that it was a sin to cut your hair for a fashion statement **, I needed to make sure that this was the right thing to do. It was so refreshing when I finally got my hair back. It felt like the next step. As you can see this blog is called ‘my walk with Jehovah,’ and this was probably the biggest step that I have had to make to date. I feel as though this step has allowed me to mature spiritually. I feel as though I am gaining the faith in God that Jephthah’s daughter had. As I begun to study the Bible, I realised that it would have been a sin for me to have not returned to being natural since I had already been convicted. It honestly felt amazing!
  4. I started to feel even more confident – I can only describe this as a reward from God!

Here are three things that I have learnt since doing the big chop:

  1. What works for me – it is so easy to just buy all of the products because so and so on YouTube recommended it. What I came to realise is that a lot of the well known channel’s are actually given the products for free to review. Also, what works for someone else might not necessarily work for me. Just because their hair grew …inches in 6 months, does not necessarily mean that mine will.
  2. Enjoy the process – I have to remind myself to stop imagining what I will look like when my hair grows and what I am going to have to do with it. That’s for me to think about if and when I get there. Right now I have to trust the process.
  3. There is no such thing as healthy relaxed hair – before cutting my hair, I had just gotten to grips with looking after my relaxed hair. I had retained more length then ever before. My hair care regimen came so naturally ( LOOL 😆 )to me. My hair felt and looked healthy. But oh was I wrong! Before you disagree with me, I will just simply say that ‘healthy relaxed hair’ is an oxymoron. How can something that has been chemically broken ever be healthy? Since I have been looking after my natural hair I can really see and feel a difference. I realised that when I was relaxed, all I was really doing was making the best out of a bad situation, but now I am making the best out of being me.

God bless x

** – by cut I mean ‘shorn’ as stated in 1 Corinthians 11 not trimmed, because to do this I would have to pretty much shave my hair off.


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