My Father will avenge me!

I was on the tube this morning and then something caught my eye. It really got me thinking and I had to make a note of it. The man sitting opposite me was reading The Times newspaper. This headline in particular really stood out to me, it read “Avenge my father, says daughter of aid worker.” It was about the aid worker who was murdered three weeks ago by the terrorist group ISAL.

One thing that I have been focusing on recently is the idea of having an ‘eternal perspective.’ As Christians, I realised that at all times we should seek to have an eternal perspective. I try and ask myself these questions; what lesson can I learn from this, what kind of God do I serve and what does the Word say about my situation? It is so easy to get fed up and just lose faith in the world. Especially when it comes to situations like this. I am not saying that the daughter doesn’t have a right to grief. This post isn’t really about the daughter at all, it was just the article that reminded me about something that I need to share.

I lost faith in the criminal justice system along time ago. I should have lost faith in the criminal justice system along time before that. I could give so many examples that have taken place since I’ve been alive that have influenced my views but when I was speaking to God about it, He reminded me of this one situation that really affirmed my beliefs. Look at what happened to Jesus! The criminal justice system allowed the mob to decide His fate. Although it was the fulfillment of prophecy, they still chose to do so unaware that they were fulfilling prophecy by their vote because they did not realise that they were in the presence of the Messiah. They voted for a sinless man to be put to death and allowed a sinner to walk free. That’s one of the great things about the Bible, there is no situation or emotion that you will ever feel that has not been spoken about in the Bible.

I lost faith in the criminal justice system along time ago, but I never lost faith in God. You see, I know that there is more to life that this. I know that one day the day of Judgement will come. I know that Jesus will return. I know that the dead will rise. I know that we won’t all receive eternal life. Because of what I know, I try not to worry about the small things. Things that I have no control over. If I was to worry about every guilty man who walked free I would be worrying forever. But, I know that one day they will all have to answer to the Man who made them. They will have to answer to my Father. My eternal perspective enabled me to realise that in the REAL criminal justice system; God is the judge, Jesus is our solicitor and the Holy Spirit is the one who convicts us. I rejoice in the fact that my Father will avenge me but I am even more joyful about the fact that I serve a forgiving God. I do not wish eternal death upon anyone. I pray that they will all come to know Christ for themselves.


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