It’s not all about me!

Hey guys,

This is just a short post about something that I realised. I am not sure if anyone can relate but I pray that it touches someone.

I was listening to my iPod earlier and ‘I Believe’ by Mali Music came on. In it he sung about people not doing things for God because they do things based on ‘how they feel.’ I realised that that is so true and at times it pretty much summarises my attitude. I won’t do things because I simply don’t feel like it. I either feel tired or I don’t feel comfortable about my ability to do what God has called me to do.

It took a short verse to remind me that it’s not all about me! I realised that I often pray to God asking Him for things but I don’t always utilise the things that He has already given me. God has always felt the same about me. He has always loved me. Imagine if He decided that He didn’t want to bless me because He didn’t feel like it. I would seriously start questioning God. But I realised that I have double standards. My relationship with God should be reciprocal. I shouldn’t do things expecting Him to do something for me in return, but simply because I love Him.

God bless x


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  1. I feel the same way and have had the same realization this year as well. Thanks for sharing!

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