“You prayed for this…”

I think that this morning was the only morning in the past month when I haven’t woken up wishing that I had gone to bed earlier the night before.
Last night I took a well deserved break, well it was in my opinion anyway. After having a four month summer holiday, it was a real shock to my system when I had to wake up early every morning to go to university and my internship on my days off. I remember praying before my interview for the internship asking God to only allow me to get it if He thinks that I am capable of doing both of them to the best of my ability. So when I got it, I was both grateful and surprised.
Now fast forward a month, I was feeling exhausted, contemplating going in late some days or skipping lectures and seminars. The very same lectures and seminars that I was praying about getting in to last year. Isn’t it funny how quickly I started being ungrateful. One thing that I realised is that I need to work on time management and to learn how to prioritise things. Instead of making myself feel overwhelmed, I should relax.
So when I start contemplating quitting, I have to remind myself that I prayed for this. In the long run they will both give me great experience and God’s timing is perfect so I just know that this was the right time for me to do both.


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  1. sscox2013 says:

    I hear you and can soooooo relate!

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