I think that I had my first ever ‘eureka’ moment today. As I previously wrote, I started to have daily devotions with God at a certain time. On the 10th October, which I think was the second day that I had my devotion, as I was having my praise and worship section of my devotion, God gave me words to sing to Him, two verses to be precise. The words were:

Fill me up Lord,

Til’ my cup overflows,

With your spirit,

You are all I wanna know,

Fill me up,

With the fruits of your spirit,

Til’ I no longer thirst,

For the things of this world!

On the day that He wrote it for me, I just kept singing the song and looping it and singing it in different ways. I just liked the song. At the time I figured that it was His solution to my problem because I was previously trying to think of a song that would welcome the Holy Spirit. But with hindsight, I now understand why He gave me those words to sing to Him. The truth is, it was just a prayer in song formation that I needed to say but was too embarrassed to actually say to God.

In a way this also relates to a post that I was meant to write about after another one of my devotions. The post was meant to be titled “The worship song that I couldn’t sing,” so in order for this post to make sense I will first give you guys a summary of what that post was meant to be about.

As I was singing praise and worship songs during my devotion, I really wanted to sing the song ‘More Than Anything,’ by Lamar Campbell, however God asked me “do you really?” I realised that the only reason that I wanted to sing that song was because I liked the way that the song sounded, not because it was an accurate song to praise God with in my situation. The song says “I love you Jesus, I worship and adore you, just want to tell you that I love you more than anything,..” The truth is, I would be able to sing all of the lines with a sincere heart up to the words in bold, because I knew, and God definitely knew that it wasn’t true. I didn’t love God more than anything, I loved God more than anyone but I definitely didn’t love Him more than anything. Just look at the amount of things that exist in this world. At the time, I could probably list five or more things that I would put before God, my mind being one of them.

It was only when I was singing the song that God told me to sing to Him that I finally realised why He stopped me from singing the other song before. The fact that I was able to sincerely ask Him to fill me up to a point where I would no longer thirst for the things of this world made it possible for me to actually love Him more than anything. I was too embarrassed to ask Him using words so He gave me a prayer to sing so that I would eventually be able to sing the prayer that Lamar Campbell sung.


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