The Unsung Hero…

So guys, I’m not sure if I mentioned it before but I’ve been reading the Bible from the beginning in chronological order to see Jesus fulfil the prophecies for myself and also to find the prophecies for myself. I finished the Old Testament on the weekend and I moved on to the New Testament (obviously). Anyway, as I’ve been reading I have learnt a lot about God’s nature and learnt the sort of things that annoys Him and also about the things that please Him. I have seen myself in different stories in the Bible and it’s just been great.

When I started reading Matthew 1 on Monday something really stood out to me that I never noticed before. I think I was just amazed by Joseph. The men in the Bible that every man wants to be and every women wants are; Jesus, Boaz, David or Solomon. In my opinion anyway. Joseph is pretty much looked over. The verses that I am referring to are Matthew 1:18-25. As I read that, I just started thinking to myself that Joseph is just a really great guy. Seriously. I never really thought about the sacrifice that Joseph made, he was just so obedient, I can finally understand why God chose him to be Jesus’ earthly father.

Joseph, went against society. He just didn’t care about what people might think about Him. He stayed with his pregnant virgin fiancée. Everyone must have been mocking him trying to convince him that Mary cheated on him. He was just so sweet, he was even willing to break off the engagement secretly, he wasn’t going to publicly humiliate her and walk around telling everyone that he thought that Mary cheated on him. Realistically, how many of you would believe someone if they told you that an angel told them something? It must have been even worse because the people who he would have had to deal with would not know Christ, He was still in the womb. In the next chapter Joseph even leaves everything that he has to protect Jesus and bring him to Egypt, he was unbelievably selfless.

Joseph is sometimes just referred to as the carpenter, but he is so much more than that, he is the first father shown in the New Testament. There is a theme about fathers and children (sons in particular) that I have started to realise. Just how Jesus left His Father to come to earth, the disciples left their fathers to follow Jesus. Jesus also left Joseph. Although Joseph is mentioned in some of the books that weren’t included in the Bible such as the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, Joseph is not mentioned much. The division between Joseph and Jesus is explained when you look at what Jesus came to tell us. In Matthew 10:32-42 He shows us that it is necessary for us to love God more than anything, He even mentions over our mother and father. Therefore, the separation between Joseph and Jesus as He got older showed Him putting God first and fulfilling His mission. We must bear in mind that Jesus was 30 years old at the time that He began His mission, so this is not to say that He did not need Joseph at all.

As I read, I was just so amazed by Joseph. I pray that I will be able to have his obedient spirit in Jesus’ name, Amen.


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  1. Sam White says:

    This was such an uplifting read, bless you and carry the good work. S W

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