I need to have an operation!

This post is inspired by a Bible study that a few girls invited me to a couple of days ago. I went there not knowing what to expect but after I left, God began to reveal to me the meaning of the topics that we discussed and made me realise how I can apply the teachings to my life. In short, I need to have an operation.
The Bible study was a literal study of the Bible. We looked through various scriptures and spoke about them. The scripture that really stood out to me after I left was Hebrews 4:12-13. The scripture talks about the Word being like a double edged sword. When I thought about it, to me a double edged sword is extremely dangerous, it’s impossible not to wounded by one. As we discussed it, they told me that the sharper the object, the cleaner the cut and the easier it is to heal. I never realised that. So when you think about it, as we are told that we are to become a new creation in Christ, the only way that we can do this is by studying the Word.

I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard the saying “the Bible can keep you from sin or sin can keep you from the Bible.” I didn’t realise just how powerful that statement was until I realised the power of the Bible. What I finally learnt was that the Bible is the tool that the Holy Spirit uses to transform us. It is the sword that He uses to operate on us. Although some of the things that we may learn will hurt us, it is only by our pain that we will be able to heal.

The scripture really encouraged me to have a willing heart. It won’t be good enough for me to just read for the sake of reading, I need to read in order to be transformed. In Mark 8, we are instructed to deny ourselves and lose our lives. He is calling us to the operating table. In order to actually pick up the cross we must be willing to do so. To me, the cross symbolises salvation.

One of my biggest, or probably my only fear is to meet Jesus and for Him to deny me. If I don’t deny myself, He will deny me. He is the only one who knows my heart. People might think that because I have a blog where I write about God that I have got it all figured out. But I don’t. I struggle daily to deny myself. I struggle daily to love a certain member of my family because everything that he represents, the world in me says that I should hate him, but it is the Christ in me that forces me to love.

To tell you the truth, I need to have an operation.


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