I’m a bit like Bill Cosby…

I’m a bit like Bill Cosby. I guess we all are. Romans 3 reminds us that we have all fallen short of the glory of God. We have all sinned. Whether or not you know of mine, or I know of yours we have still sinned. Mark 3 shows us that there is only one eternal sin and that is blasphemy against the holy spirit. Yet we like to rank sins. For some reason, the rapist is worse than the liar. The murderer is worse than the gossip. If one sin was really worse than the other, then that would mean that we would have to pay a different price for them. Yet Jesus paid the price once. He didn’t say that 1 litre of blood is for the gossiper and 5 litres is the murderer. He paid the price for sins in general. So when I say that I’m a bit like Cosby, I mean that I’m a sinner. The wages for sin is death, eternal death, but Jesus paid the price for me. He paid the price for you, and for Cosby. I don’t know whether or not the stories about Cosby are true, but I know for sure for sure that as soon as I turn into the judge, jury and executioner that I will be denying the joy of the Gospel.


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  1. sscox2013 says:

    Agreed 100%

    I do think that the reason why people rank sin at times is due to the consequences that particularly sin can have in someone. It certainly doesn’t justify it but I think it is one reason.

    But I thank God for His grace and mercy that forgiveness is awarded to all who seek it through His Son Jesus Christ.

    Thanks for this post. xxx

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