I’m a bit like Paul…

A friend and I were speaking a couple weeks ago about the disciples and how quickly they followed Christ. Jesus would just walk up to them, perform a miracle, or help them catch fish and then He would tell them with authority, that they should leave their; family, friends, possessions and comfort zone and just follow Him. Some people turned back when they found out what was expected of them. But many followed Him.

I always thought that it was so easy for them. I would make excuses. In my head, it was so much easier for them, they walked side by side with Jesus, they saw Him. It is so much easier to follow and obey someone who you can physically see. Although it was a huge sacrifice, when I compared what they did and what I deemed myself to be capable of, I just assumed that  it was so much easier for them because they were literally walking with the Messiah.

However, what I recently realised was that I’m actually a bit like Paul and should try and be more like him daily. In my opinion, Paul was the greatest disciple. The amazing thing about Paul is that he never physically met Christ. He is the epitome of a born again Christian. He was so zealous! He was simply amazing! He constantly wrote to other believers to encourage us. If David was a man after God’s own heart, then I don’t know how to describe Paul. He was completely transformed and did such great works.

Matthew 11 tells us that despite John the Baptist doing great things, the person who is least in the Kingdom will be even greater than him. Imagine that. Look at the amount of people that John baptised. He was truly doing the work of the Kingdom, yet he is going to be least…? When you look at Paul’s life, it begins to make sense. But then when you look at my life, I am once again confused.

My prayer, is that I will one day have a passion and thirst for the Lord that will enable me to do greater works than John and Paul.


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  1. trotter387 says:

    Your reflections are interesting on two levels:

    1, Jesus relationship with his disciples – many he called knew him well because they were his relatives, especially some of the Apostles, others knew him because they grew up near his home so he wasn’t new to them. They did leave everything behind and follow him. Some had family and children but they still abandoned all things.

    2, The Apostle Paul found the true meaning of Christ’s teachings, but remember Jesus had died less than 3 years earlier, we know Paul’s Tutor Gamaliel knew Jesus and the Apostles even speaking out for the Apostles in the early chapters of Acts.

    So the revelation of the Christ in person enabled Paul to appreciate where he had been wrong. If you think about the words of his tutor a devout person like Paul would not ignore this personal experience. Was he born again in the terms of Jesus words to another Pharisee? Yes but not until his vision was restored.

    Paul is the most well known not the greatest, what was James like that he was the first to be executed? or John who at 90 was still a threat to the Roman way of life?

    We learn much from each by focusing on their relationship with Christ Jesus and their role in promoting the one true God the father of Jesus.

    Enjoyed the post – suggest a little more research into the family relationship between Jesus and some of his Apostles

    1. Hi, thank you for reading. I definitely will look in to this more.

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