I finally finished!

I can’t remember if I mentioned it before but last year (happy new year btw) I started to read the Bible in chronological order. This was my first time reading some books in the Old Testament. My aim was not just to read the Bible so that I can say that I have read it, but my aim was to study the Bible.

There are many Bible’s with guides and notes in them, but I wanted to make one for myself. The notes, not a Bible lol. I wanted to find out about the promises of God, I wanted to see for myself the ways in which Jesus fulfilled the prophecies, I wanted to get to know God.

I started the journey wanting to know God and ended up learning a lot about myself. I saw areas of my life that were not living up to the standards that God expects from me. I realised how dependent I can be on myself and people instead of God. I learnt a lot about love. I learnt a lot about others. I learnt a lot about my future and my potential. I realised my fears. In short, I learnt a lot!

I haven’t written for a while because of this. I have been taking notes and I am going to share some of them with you all. When I started the study I was meant to finish it by the end of 2014. But six days later I can happily say that I finished it. One thing I learnt is that I really am complacent. My teachers used to write it on my reports all the time, but I finally realised that I am. As the end of December came nearer, I didn’t even feel an urgency to study the Bible more. But as soon as the New Year came and I realised that I had not finished, I read more than I ever had. I wrote more. I was up until 2am most mornings just studying.

I feel as though I have finished building the foundation and I am now equipped to write on this blog. This is not to say that I know everything, but I can definitely say that I know I more now than I did before. I know Him much more than I did before and I can finally write about someone who I know.

As you know, this blog is called My Walk with Jehovah and I feel as though over 2014, I have walked many miles. At times I was out of breath and wanted to give up, at times I felt as though I was walking alone and at times I could never understand why I ever thought of looking back. I can safely say that the Lord truly is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him because over the year I have definitely grown. Both mentally and spiritually. My mental growth came about as a result of my spiritual growth. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and as my fear increased, I decreased and He increased in me. I pray that this will be a great year for all of us as we continue to seek Him in Jesus’ name x


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  1. trotter387 says:

    Reading the bible is the most effective way of developing a deeper understanding of our purpose and the opportunities we have to praise our heavenly father.

    The first time I read the bible, now over 40 years ago I was entranced by the action accounts but I I developed my understanding I was staggered by the prophetic accuracy – I recently rediscovered my original notes from the first commentary review I created from my own personal study and realised just how much my appreciation had grown so note taking is valuable on that personal level.

    It is a great achievement what have you set for 2015?

    1. I have started doing Bible plans, some are for weeks, others are for months on various topics, so that I will be able to learn more. I also plan on reading more Christian literature to widen my understanding on some contemporary issues and I am reading one at the moment.

      I definitely want to look back over my notes as well, that is a great idea, I will leave it for a while and then look back to see.

      Thank you for reading,

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