Sealing the Covenant

The word ‘testament,’ was something that I used a lot, without actually knowing what it meant. I couldn’t actually use it out of the context of the Old and New Testament. The Bible is the original love, action and drama story. It is also the oldest legal document. From what I have come to understand, the word testament can be used interchangeably with the word ‘covenant.’

As I read through Hebrews 9, I was finally able to understand why Jesus’ blood was the perfect sacrifice. He could have been starved to death, or put in a fire or made to suffer a death that did not involve Him shedding an ounce of blood, but without His blood, His death would have meant nothing.

As the nails pierced His skin and the blood poured out, I was made pure. This very sacrifice was what made it all possible. His blood sealed the covenant between us and God. In the same way that the animals blood sealed the covenant between the children of Israel and God. To be honest, I thank God that I was born now and not BC. I couldn’t imagine having to bring an animal as a sacrifice, I would probably be so scared. I am thankful that Christ presented Himself as a perfect sacrifice.

When you start to think about it, our job is easy. The sacrifice has been made for us whether we choose to accept it or not. We don’t have to work for the remission of our sins, it has already happened. At times, we turn ourselves in to bulls, goats and calves trying to offer ourselves as sacrifices to God for the wrongs that we have done forgetting that Christ already paid it all.

I am both thankful and in awe of the sacrifice that was made on my behalf. God’s power is absolutely amazing. When you think about how big a cow is compared to a 33 year old man, you will realise that it is not the amount of blood that was shed by Christ that made us pure, but it was simply because He was Christ that His blood was able to make us pure.

Christ did not come to free us from the law, He came to free us from the chains of sin. From the beginning of time we have chosen everything else but God. He came to reveal His power. He just wants us to eagerly wait for Him and thirst for Him. As He revealed His strength, love and compassion He didn’t just make us right with God, He gave us a reason to pursue God. I love the song ‘Big Brother’ by The Walls Group. It really reminds me of what our relationship is like with Christ. He came to show us just how much Dad loves us. He came at a time when we felt like running away. He took our punishment because He wanted to protect us. He is the mediator between us and God, He is someone who we can relate to. Although He had to leave to help Dad with the family business, He sent His friend the Holy Spirit to watch out for us whilst He is away. With a drop of blood He freed us, He broke the chains. He helped us to the restore our relationship with Abba. I can’t think of a better sacrifice!


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  1. trotter387 says:

    It is an interesting point for all of us because the Mosaic Law and the role of the levitical priesthood gives us an insight on why Blood had to be poured out in sacrifices.

    The blood of the victim could only atone or cleanse the people because they were in a relationship with God and they accepted his designated approach routes for pure worship.

    That covenant relationship was sealed with blood and the personal sacrifices indicated that through the pouring out of blood the Israelites remained committed to that relationship.

    However Christ’s Blood is different in the sense that his sacrifice could cover all sins and for all time, the New Covenant extended the opportunity to all humanity, initially with his close followers and only when the value of that blood was presented to Jehovah at Christ’s resurrection and the evidence of approval by the pouring out of Holy Spirit to the rest of us because these ones were empowered.

    The testament is a critical path for Christians and as we understand it more we are able to bear Witness or give testimony, that action in Latin is linked to the word Martyrion which leads us to the point of self-sacrifice as evidence of our relationship with God and Christ.

    Loved this post and it got the brain working this wet Monday morning thank you – I enjoy reading your posts very much

    1. Ahh wow thank you once again for reading it. I didn’t know about that link to self-sacrifice, but it makes sense now because it was a new covenant on both our part and His. The sacrifice was made by Christ to free us and we have to then make the sacrifice to free ourselves from the pleasures of sin to enjoy the promises that have been made possible by the new covenant.

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