The most important thing…

At times, we can be so legalistic that we forget the most important thing. We get so consumed with trying to draw the line between what is acceptable for a ‘Christian’ to do and what is not and end up forgetting that the most important thing is that we need to have a relationship with God.

Christ didn’t come to this world and die a sinners death so that we can still be divided from Him. One of the scariest things is that we could meet God and He would tell us that He does not know us. We could cast out demons in His name, but if we do not know who it is that we are casting the demons out by, it does not matter. We could be a part of so many ministrations that lead people to Christ, we could sing, act, mime, write, preach and do so many other things but if we don’t actually know Him it means nothing.

One thing that I have begun to learn is that my relationship with God has to be completely personal. I have one brother and one sister. We all have different relationships with our parents. I don’t look at my brother or sister to learn how to be a daughter, it is a relationship that develops over time. So why is it any different with God? As a daughter of God, I can’t just do what other people do and expect to develop a relationship with Him. However, just because I may do different things than other people, it does not mean that they love Abba any more or less than I do.

Desire to know God for yourself. Desire to hear Him. Don’t simply do things because it seems like the ‘Christian,’  thing to do, learn to be totally obedient to God. A relationship with Christ will often mean that you do things that people might not understand, trust me I know, but it is totally worth it. I recently moved churches. It was not an easy thing to do. I had to pray about it for a while and when Abba told me that I definitely had to leave, I had to obey. Although, I was slightly sceptical, knowing that He was with me no matter where I went made it pretty hard to look back. For me, that was something that I needed to do in order to strengthen my relationship with Christ and to increase my faith in Him. (I will expand more on this in my next post).This doesn’t mean that everyone needs to move in order to do this, but because my relationship with Abba is different than other peoples, for me it meant that I had to.

Contentment is a crazy thing. We want to be content in Christ but once you desire to have a relationship with Him, you are never going to be content in where you are in your relationship with Him. I guess that is what makes the name of my blog quite fitting. It is all about a walk. Imagine walking with someone, the longer you walk with them, the more you will begin to know about them and the more that you realise that you want to know about them. With Abba it is slightly different. As I walk with Him, I learn a lot about myself as well. He reveals my weaknesses to me and also my strengths. As you seek Him, He will definitely reveal Himself. The key to beginning this relationship with Him is by diligently seeking Him.


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