Complacency in Christ

One word that used to come on my school report cards was ‘complacent.’ It’s a trait that I am trying to shake off. At times, this same attitude is reflected in my walk with Jehovah. I can become complacent. I sometimes lack the passion and love for Him that I desire to maintain. Here is a little poem that I wrote about it. I’m not sure if anyone can even relate to it, but there is no harm in sharing.

I used to study you,

But now I treat you like an extra-curricular activity,

I skip classes because to me they are non-compulsory,

I got top marks last year,

So I just pray that you remember that.

I have the ability but I’m lacking zeal,

I used to run to class but now being in your presence feels tedious,

So my punctuality and attendance decreases,

Getting up to nothing much in my absence.

I call in sick quite a lot,

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak,

Please remember all that I’ve done for you,

Is all that I’ve done enough?

Well I guess that this is what they call complacency in Christ.


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