Church Clap

ii psalms

For too long the church churches been clapping at weak sermons
Leaving the weak hurt, no one’s changed by Sunday’s service,
We need discernment, check what you be affirming,
Cause a church can be full of members but empty in conversions
Preach the gospel, and stand back
Look for changed lives not for hand claps.

Church Clap by KB HGA feat. Lecrae

I have wanted to write about this topic for a while now. I thank God for the Holy Spirit because the post that I would have produced would have probably come across as prideful, but God truly uses time to reveal all things. I wrote this post a few day ago and the conversations that I have had since then have even challenged me to edit this post. God truly speaks to you through people, especially when you don’t want to hear it from Him.

The title of my planned post was ‘You don’t need to go to church.’ Although that is still my belief, the content of this post is different than what I intended it to be because I don’t want this post to be used by people to justify certain things or to take what I am saying out of context.

You see, you can go to church every week, every day if you really want to and still not know Christ. Going to church every day or week could actually be the worst thing that you could decide to do. Church can become a day-care centre for believers. I am not sure if you have read or remember a post that I wrote a couple of months ago, about lactose intolerance and the Bible, but I would like to draw upon a few things touched there. The main scripture that I focused on was Hebrews 5:12-14 where we are told that we are meant to reach a point in our walk with Jehovah where we are ready to be teachers but we do not even try, we are satisfied with drinking the milk from others and refuse to even attempt to eat solid food. That is why I refer to church as a day-care centre, it looks after us and gives us milk. Sometimes, the only reason why we don’t sin is because we are actually too busy at church, not because we have actually been converted and realised that we are a new creation. Without a relationship with the Trinity, you can get caught up in playing church.

Let’s look at Jesus. The very man who we call ourselves to be followers of. At a young age, He was in the temple studying the word and being in fellowship with others and trying to learn (Luke 2: 41-52). However, when He reached a certain age (30), He went around and started putting everything in to practice. You see, going to church and just listening and learning is fine, but only for a while. There has to come a point when we decide to actually live out our faith. When we become strong enough to be the same person that we are inside of church, when we leave. We can play church all we want but we would only be cheating ourselves.

One of the most important things that we need to be is spirit led. As KB HGA says “we need discernment.” Without the spirit we are going nowhere. We are our own god. Discernment and prophecy are two of the most important gifts of the Holy Spirit. 1 Corinthians 14 is one of the most overlooked chapters in my opinion. We all quote the love messages in the chapter before but forget the next one. There is a common misconception in the modern church that in order to truly have received the Holy Spirit, you must speak in tongues. However, as this chapter shows, there are more important gifts than that. Like every other thing, it is a gift that we should desire however, in order for the church to fulfil its purpose, there needs to be more Christian’s prophesying than speaking in tongues. If the Great Commission is to be fulfilled, what good is speaking in tongues in comparison to the gift of the prophecy? If I was to come up to you and be able to give you a prophetic word, it would prove more to you about the truth of the God that I serve than if I spoke to you in an unknown tongues. I am not saying that everyone who speaks in tongues is a liar or selfish, I am saying that discernment is key. Pray to be able to discern what is really of God and what is not. Do not feel disheartened, pray for a gift that you could use to give Him the glory.

Discernment is one of the most powerful gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is an essential tool. From the first time that I heard the song Church Clap, it hit me. The instrumental is amazing but the lyrics are even greater.

The church needs to be converted. Many are saved but few are converted. “A church can be full of members but empty in conversions.” We often find ourselves gravitating towards the things that we find many Christians doing. Just because they are there, it doesn’t mean that you need to be. I’m not just talking about the church as the building anymore, I’m talking about us, the church, the bride. We may stay in certain places, relationships whatever it may be, just because you know other Christians who are also there. But just read the book of Revelation. The loveless and the lukewarm church had many members but God was still displeased with them. Numbers mean nothing, unless it’s the book in the Bible lool. Sometimes, one of the greatest and hardest things that a Christian can do is to decide to walk alone with the knowledge that God is by their side.

Over the past few months, I have begun to realise what is truly important. I thank God for allowing me to come to know Him at such a young age and I don’t want to let Him down. I would rather please Him on my own than disappoint Him in company. Let’s take our salvation into our own hands. Let’s be followers of Christ and not of man. Many of us are ‘Churchians’ and not Christians. The evidence of a conversion is change. As our body dies daily and approaches the day where it will wither away, may we strengthen our spirit so that it may survive. Though we may appear appealing to man physically, may we be even more appealing to our Bridegroom spiritually.



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  1. I enjoyed reading this blog post! The parts that stuck out to me most were: “Sometimes, one of the greatest and hardest things that a Christian can do is to decide to walk alone with the knowledge that God is by their side.” & “I would rather please Him on my own than disappoint Him in company.”. I’m currently struggling with parting ways with people I keep company with so that I can grow as a strong young woman of God, all while yearning for those Godly friendships that I know will come. Please pray for me as I strive to please Him alone rather than disappoint Him by remaining with the company I keep. I’m also praying for you as well! 🙂

    1. Wow, I’m happy that you can relate. One thing that I can say from my own experience is that God definitely will surround you with Godly friends to help you grow. One thing to do is get used to spending time with just you and God, it really helps.
      Thank you for your prayers, I’m praying for you too x

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