Hey beautiful,


If nobody ever told you that you were beautiful, would you believe that you are?

When all the boys have gone away and it’s just you, you and your thoughts,

No likes, no retweets, no screenshots,

Just you,

You and your thoughts,

Are you still beautiful?

When she’s all glammed up and looking like a ’10,’

Are you still a 10?

Or do you minus a few points because your nose isn’t like hers…

And your dress doesn’t hang the same way that hers does,

Does her beauty instantly take away from yours?

Or can you be 10’s together?

When you wake up each day are you beautiful?

Before the compliments and the whistles,

Are you confident?

No labels on your clothes,

No labels from the world,

Tell me who you are!

I already know what they have said about you,

I want to know what you think about you,

Have you believed the lies they’ve told you?

Have you bought the lies they’ve sold you?

Please, beautiful, just tell me who you are.

Find out who you are and own it.

Even if nobody ever calls you beautiful, beautiful, believe that you are beautiful,

Find your worth and set your price,

You’re ever so beautiful in the eyes of Christ.


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