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Mary had a Little Lamb, Little Lamb, Little Lamb. Mary had a Little Lamb whose blood would save the world.

But she didn’t sign up for this. A young girl, carefree. Looking to get married to the man of her dreams. Joseph, a carpenter, was all that Mary needed. He wasn’t royalty, but he was a descendant of royalty. There were rulers in his bloodline. He was related to the greats. David, Solomon, Ruth, Boaz, you name them he was from them.

The engagement period is meant to be a happy one, but Mary’s changed her life. She didn’t sign up for this. God placed a burden within her womb whose sole purpose was to carry the burdens of the world on His back. His soul’s purpose was to carry the burdens of the world on His back.

An immaculate conception. An unmarried pregnant young woman. Who would ever believe her? They probably thought that she was just a whore using the Lord’s name in vain. Unaware that she was being used to fulfil a prophecy. She didn’t sign up for this, but God knew that He could use her. He’d explain everything to Joseph, make sure that He doesn’t leave her. He wanted to ensure that His Son had an earthly father. This was crucial. Who else was going to help Mary take Jesus to Egypt?

But this piece isn’t about Joseph, it’s about Mary.

Poor Mary The Son she never planned to have, was the same Son who God planned for her to lose. Mary had nothing of her own. To raise a son and lose Him. To bury a son. Many women can relate. When Eve buried Abel, the knowledge that her other son killed him must have killed her.

But this piece isn’t about Eve, it’s about Mary.

How must she have felt when she realised that it was the sins of the world that killed him? Our sins, her sins, my sins. Her own son saved her. A mother rescued by the child that she raised. It was meant to be the other way around.

I know you’ve probably got the message by now, Mary didn’t sign up for this. But none of us did. God used her life to bring glory to Him. Some of us might be pregnant at the moment. Not literally. When I say pregnant, I’m talking in reference to the pain, shame and confusion that Mary must have felt. A young virgin, pregnant. Not sure what to do. Her fiancé was going to leave her. She could have aborted the baby, she had free will. But look at what God did through her. You might want to abort or unsubscribe from the pain, shame or troubles that you are facing at the moment, but just wait. Wait on God. Like Mary, God can use you. It won’t make sense immediately. But just think about it, it took over 33 years and 9 months for Mary to finally understand the purpose of the pain and shame that she was faced to suffer. Trust God.


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