The Conquest

Broken souls. Gallons of tears. Shattered hearts. Empty promises. Fragile and young. Wild and in love? Caught up in the moment.

She was desperate. Desperate for love and he could sense it. He could see it in her eyes, she was vulnerable. She felt as though she was nothing without him, not a particular ‘him,’ any him.

A young Christian girl, ‘saving herself for marriage.’ She was his conquest. He was willing to climb the mountain because he knew what was waiting for him on the other side. His third expedition. In comparison to the others, she was just a hill. With one look in her eyes, he could tell that she believed that her purity was simply shown through her virginity. She didn’t realise that the way that she dressed, walked, talked and the company that she kept all gave off a different image.

So when she told him that she was waiting for marriage, he just laughed to himself. He knew that she was a hill disguised as a mountain. An easy conquest. They were both dressed in disguises. She was easily swayed. She was told to wait for marriage, but she didn’t know why she should. She had heard the Word but never knew it for herself and he could tell.

He became her pastor. He showed her his doctrine. He would quote scriptures and pray before they ate. He showed her everything that she wanted to see. A ‘godly man.’ She liked the fact that he would type ‘God’ and not ‘god.’ She was impressed. She was willing to lay down on her back and submit to him.

A couple visits to her church and she thought that he was the one. At this point, he was already at the top of the mountain. They really got to know each other. They spoke about the future. He told her that he saw her in his. They spoke about a lot of things. To her it meant everything but to him it was just that. A conversation. A conversation that led to her assuming that they were perfect for each other.

He must be the one.

Slowly, her belief system began to change. She started to justify things. She would look out for the technicalities in scriptures. She would ignore certain verses due to the fact that “it was only necessary to follow it in that context.”

Slowly, the fact that she saw herself marrying him one day, meant that she wasn’t moving away from her beliefs. She was no longer saving herself for marriage. She was saving herself for her husband. Although he wasn’t her husband quite yet, they had spoken about it, he saw her in his future and she dreamed of her in his, so what’s the problem?

He was coming down from the mountain now. Coming down is a lot easier than going up. He ran down the slope and out of her life. This conquest was his personal best.

…not every ‘godly man’ is God sent.
Swear to me, young women of Jerusalem, by the gazelles or by the does of the field, that you won’t awaken or arouse love before its proper time!
– Song of Solomon 3:5

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