The Trap


She had full lips, thick thighs and an empty mind. Ok that’s not fair. Her mind wasn’t empty, but its content was of no worth. Young and free.

She was a dreamer. She knew exactly what she wanted. From the day that she got her Baby Annabell doll and toy kitchen, she knew. She wanted to be a wife and a mother. It seemed so fun. She loved playing with her toys, making the perfect life for Annabell, she was able to control every part of Annabell’s life. She was the mother and the wife, in this little world of hers she didn’t need a man. She loved to feed Annabell, take Annabell for a walk, she loved the control. I guess she never grew out of this mentality because she still treated life as a game.

As she grew up and wanted to realise her dream, she realised that it wasn’t that easy. She needed a man to be a husband and a father. Notice how I said ‘a’ and not ‘her.’ He was a requirement. The next level on this game was multiplayer. She didn’t know who she would choose. A girl who looks like her, has options. She went and took a look in the friendzone, looking for someone to take out and bring on to the next level.

Too short.

Too domineering.

Too skinny.

Too much baby mama drama.

Too fat.

Too clingy.

Too kind.

Too annoying.

“I can’t risk my child looking like THAT!”

She searched and searched until suddenly she found the one. He wasn’t perfect but she could change that, he was the best out of a bad bunch. He was four years older than her, employed and apparently he’s a Christian now (so he must definitely be looking for a wife). She wasn’t sure if his number had changed so she quickly 141’d him and waited to see what would happen. He picked up, kissed his teeth and put the phone down.


An hour later, she texted him. A week later, they met up. A month later it was just that, a month later. Things weren’t going according to plan. He was a Christian now. The old him would have been all over her by now. So she did what she needed to do to get to the next level of the game. She played along.

Two months later, she joined the single adult’s ministry at his church. Three months later, she went to all night prayer service with him. Four months later, she joined the choir. Five months later, they went on the single adult’s retreat. Seven months later, she was eight days late. Sixteen months later, she was a mother and a Mrs.

Oh yeah, I forgot to say, they got married ten months later to avoid a ‘scandal in the church.’ But you know church folk love to count…peoples sins.

You see, men aren’t always the predators. The Jezebel spirit is so real. I just pray that you never become prey.


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  1. sscox2013 says:

    So true. Just gotta wait on the Lord and know His perfect plan for your life no matter what it is. It will be perfect as it’s God’s plan! Too many people want to interfere.

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