Why does everyone care about Enoch?


Enoch walked faithfully with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.

– Genesis 5:24

The amount of sermons that are preached about him, yet he is only mentioned once in the Bible. We don’t really know much about him. But I think that is the whole point. The scripture doesn’t read “Enoch served diligently in the temple, prophesied, tithed frequently, raised God fearing children, then suddenly the Lord took him.” For all we know, that could have been exactly what he did, but it didn’t matter. Since the Bible is divinely inspired and it is the exact word of God, I believe that what is included in scripture is also as important as what is left out.

What mattered then and what matters today is our relationship with God. To me, the most important word in that scripture is ‘faithfully.’ I just get the picture that Enoch was the kind of guy who truly prayed without ceasing, he didn’t make a decision without talking to God or considering the implications of his decisions on his relationship with God.

I can honestly say that although I feel as though I am walking with God (otherwise the name of my blog would be pretty redundant), I do not feel as if I am faithfully walking with God. My faithfulness varies depending on the situation. Sometimes I am simply walking and even though I know God is always by my side, I just ignore that fact and try and do things on my own. But God is not a sideman. I find it easier to allow God to lead me when I am in need. But I don’t think that’s the point. Enoch was walking faithfully with the Lord. That scripture does not show a power dynamic. It shows a friendship. When you’re walking with a friend, although you could probably walk quicker than them, you usually adjust your speed to ensure that they can keep up, or vice versa.

Enoch’s works were never mentioned because his works were not important. He understood the point of life. I think that everyone cares about Enoch because he is a mystery. It’s hard to imagine walking so faithfully with the Lord that He suddenly just takes you. That is just so cool. We all care about Enoch because we want to be like him and I pray that one day, we will.


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  1. Tobi_Ajadi says:

    faithfully we shall all walk with the Lord, faithfully our life shall seek God.

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