10 things that I love about Jesus

  1. His selflessness
    • This was not only shown in His sacrifice on the cross but the way that He would just drop what He was doing to help others in need.
  2. His open-mindedness
    • In comparison to His generation He was willing to be bold and defend those who were being persecuted…may I never pick up a stone to throw again!
  3. His relationships
    • He was a confident and charismatic leader. He was able to just tell people to leave everything behind and follow Him. I also love how close and open He was with the Father. Even when He felt scared and could have ended up disappointing Him by failing His mission on Earth, He was still open and told Him.
  4. The fact that He loves me
    • It’s pretty hard to not love someone who loves you as much as He does.
  5. His wisdom and humility
    • Despite many attempting to ridicule Him and constantly argue with Him, He never spoke in a proud manner. He had wisdom, but the greatest thing about His wisdom was that He knew how to use it.
  6. He loved despite the fact that He was wise
    • He knew that He would be persecuted and that His followers would also be persecuted because of Him. He knew that many would still choose not to believe in Him. But despite all that He knew, He chose to overlook the evil in this world and love. Love harder than anyone ever has or will.
  7. He never leaves
    • Even when He departed from the world in an earthly form, He sent a helper in the form of the Holy Spirit. Which leads on to my next point…
  8. He is always looking out for me
    • Whether it be interceding on my behalf to the Father or in the scriptures (which I am truly beginning to realise the benefits of abiding by). No matter what, where or how I am, He is always looking out for me.
  9. He has shown me that things never have to be the same
    • He accomplish within three years more than most of us will ever do in our lifetime. But that shouldn’t stop us from trying. There is more to life than living comfortably on the boat, His life is a challenge for us to walk on the waters with Him.
  10. He tests us, but when we fail, it is never the end
    • With Christ, failure is an opportunity for us to grow and learn something new about ourselves. When Peter looked down, he didn’t drown, he simply went down and rose again.

Note: This has probably been the post that I have enjoyed writing the most recently. It started off as me writing in my journal last night and then I thought that I should share it. There may be other reasons why you love Jesus and I’d like to challenge you to think of 10 or more reasons, it was a great way to just reflect on my love for Jesus. I knew that I love Jesus, but I never really asked myself why. Also, if I truly want to be a follower of Christ, I am realising that it is necessary to take on His characteristics, but first I must learn what they are.


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  1. Tobi_Ajadi says:

    I cannot live in the Kingdom of God with a hurried soul. I cannot rest in God with hurried soul.
    Jesus was often busy, but never hurried. Moreover, he seemed to be quick to detect hurry sickness in others.
    For Jesus, identity and acceptance come before achievement and ministry. This is joy no one can take away. You cannot earn acceptance.

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