When Harry met Sally…

When Harry met Sally, for some reason we all believed that there would come a day when Harry would wed Sally.

But why?

Because as the directors showed us, no matter how hard they tried, they could never simply be just friends. Something more was always bound to happen. Platonic love between a male and female is too incomprehensible for it not to be the case. We’re all simply sexual beings at the end of the day right?


Personally, I believe that just because Harry and Sally didn’t remain friends, it doesn’t mean that male and female friendships are impossible. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that some of those friendships can be extremely damaging. Especially if that person didn’t truly want to be just a friend. But same-sex friendships can also be damaging.

The reason why I believe that it is possible for males and females to be just friends is because of what I believe the purpose of humans and friendship to be. Firstly, the main reason why I have a problem with people saying that it is impossible for males and females to be just friends is because I find it to be degrading, especially for women. It perpetuates the idea that we are nothing but sexual objects and that it would be illogical to assume that we are also in fact social beings. You see, to me, the purpose of a friend is to bring out the best in one another. To support them, encourage them to grow, correct them and to respect them. So I don’t see why it is impossible.

It truly depends on what type of people you consider to be your friends. As I mentioned before, any friendship could be damaging. Someone from your sex could hurt you just as much as someone from the opposite sex. It all depends on the person. As with any relationship that you are in, prayer and caution is key. Friends bring out the best in one another, they encourage one another to grow.

One of the key points that are always brought up when it comes to discussing male and female relationships is the topic of ‘attraction.’ This is why I mentioned earlier that it is necessary to consider who you count as a friend and what it is that friendship means to you. In life, every relationship that you enter will lead to you having to sacrifice something (see. John 15:13). A true friend would sacrifice their feelings to ensure that their friendship and their friend’s relationship was not put in jeopardy.

When Harry met Sally, for some strange reason we could tell that they would be together. But that is Harry and Sally’s story.


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  1. Shirley Cox says:

    Great piece x

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