When God is like “lool…no”

“More of you, less of me.” “Guide my steps Lord.” “Please show me your will for my life.” “Give me an obedient heart, so that I will follow whatever it is that you have planned for me.” “I surrender it all to you Lord, have your way.”

I’m pretty sure that at some point in your life, you have prayed one of those bold and reckless prayers. Longing to get closer to God. Simply wanting to hear His voice and delve deeper into your relationship with Him. I’m guilty of this. I just get caught up in the moment and say it. It’s only when I start to see God working in my life in ways that I didn’t plan or even particularly want, that I start to realise the true meaning of what I had said.

I plan, prep and pray and then I wait. But when I look around it’s as if God has seen my plans and preparations, heard my prayers and then is just like “lool…no.” I find myself getting frustrated as I face obstacles wondering why things can’t just go my way. Why me? How can I believe that God’s plans to give me hope and a future are true, when I’m living in the future and I have no hope? How can I believe when everything that I see is contrary to what I’m meant to believe?

I know that it is impossible to have faith in something that you can see, but sometimes I just want a peak. Just a little bit of reassurance that it will all be alright.

I’ve had “Dream for you” on repeat today. As I listened to it, I couldn’t help but smile. David and Mary had some of the biggest “lool…no” moments from God. As David went to fight Goliath, it took great faith for him to even show up. He had a rock and a slingshot and he took it to fight a well trained giant. David was content being a shepherd boy but God was like “lool…no” I have bigger and better plans for you. God knew His plans for David but David could not possibly imagine how great they were. He had to step out day by day and walk in to his destiny. He had to trust and believe that he would end up victorious in his battles.

When I look at David’s life, I realise that there is another ellipsis that I have been ignoring all along. When God is like “lool…no…”. He may have said “no” but it’s not the end.


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