Perfect love!

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

– 1 John 4:18


I remember when I was younger, running in to my parent’s room asking to sleep in their bed because I had a bad dream. For some reason, I believed that they had the power to save me from my subconscious mind. At that age, they were my heroes. They were perfect  in my eyes. Everything about them was perfect to me, even their love.

When you’re young it is so easy to love your parents. Before they seem embarrassing or annoying, it is just so natural to love them. They can do the things that seem impossible to you, like use a can opener or fix your bike lol. But as you get older you realise that they are only human and then you decide that you can then be them. The attitude starts to kick in because you just want your space to grow and make your own mistakes. You slowly start to feel afraid because you feel as though you are losing their perfect love. They see your flaws as you focus on theirs.

In many ways, this relationship mirrors the one we have with God. When we first get to know Him, we are fearless. We truly believe that we can do all things through Him. We are in awe of Him and His love. But as we make mistakes or try to do things on our own, we find it hard to accept the fact that His love is perfect. We begin to try and earn His love, forgetting that it is already ours.

May we never feel too old to run in to God’s arms because He never stops loving us so we don’t have to be afraid!


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